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If you’ve read any of my previous work in the blogosphere, then you know that I have a million things that I like to do. I always have a new project, or five, and that I have more interests than any one person has time for in one day. It makes for an interesting schedule and a varied life, but it can also be frustrating – which is why I wanted to try and open up about it a little bit today.


So… college is supposed to be that time when you try all kinds of new things and figure out which one is for you. Society likes to make you believe that you need to find your one true path so that you can be happy and successful and feel fulfilled for the rest of your life. In general it seems to be rather expected that you will have one main interest that you can follow as a career path and then a hobby or maybe two that you work on in your spare time. And the thing is, I can totally see the logic behind that, because it makes sense to focus your energy on one thing and really become proficient and excel at that one thing. Especially if you’re like me and you jump from one interest to the next and have a hard time finishing projects for that reason. But on the other hand, I love knowing about all sorts of different things and studying about something new all the time. It’s so much fun. So I guess there are pros and cons to each side of it.

Obviously I’m writing this because I struggle with knowing how I should approach this aspect of my personality. I love having a sense of completion, but actually finishing things rarely happens for me. I didn’t have that experience in college where I found my dream career and future path – I wanted to change my major a million times but then when it got down to it, I couldn’t figure out what I would want to do besides music. That’s also why I haven’t gone back to finish a degree, because I still haven’t figured it out. But it also seems to affect my everyday life – I want to do so many things, but there’s not enough time, I have obligations like work and social events, etc. There are just too many things in this world. I just can’t decide whether I should embrace the side of me that wants everything and anything, or try to find a way to focus my interests in a way that increases my productivity.

Everybody’s journey looks a bit different than the next person’s. And mine has been a bit all over the place lately. But I think I’m finally figuring it out – priorities are a big part of it. My writing needs to take center stage right now, but I’m using my interests in art and crafts and other things when I need to do other projects, like decorating my house. I want to go back to riding my horse on a regular basis, but with my work schedule, that is probably something that will wait until the spring. At that point I can figure out how to balance my time better.

Basically all I’m trying to say is that I’m still working on my purpose in life. I’m still trying to figure out what’s important to me. My marriage and my love for learning have been the two things I know I can hold on to for certain, so I’m holding onto them as tightly as possible.

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