7 Favorite Aspects of Fall Fashion

Hello, beautiful and magical people!  I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I am IN LOVE with autumn! I enjoy the cooler weather, the atmosphere, the feeling of the impending holidays, and especially the fashion!

Now I can’t promise that my opinions fall in line with 2018 autumn fashion, but regardless, I wanted to share these seven aspects of fall clothing that are my favorites!

The high-waisted skirts. Now, to be fair, I love these at any time during the year, but the styles in the fall are so pretty. I like the full midi skirts in flannel material and plaid patterns. I love the slightly shorter circle skirts. I love the leather pencil skirt with a sweater top. The materials and patterns change for autumn and it gets me all sorts of excited.

Statement coats. I’m the type of person that thinks that even my coat needs to match my outfit. And I love having coats and light jackets that make a statement. I’ll wear my leather coat with one thing and my wool wrap with another. Longer coats are my favorites, but I also love shorter ones. Both make different statements. And vests are something that I’m just recently getting into. I bought a leather vest early in the summer when it was on sale, and I’m finally getting to wear it without sweating all the time. And I’ve been pairing it with t-shirts for a casual look, or with my flowy blouses for work. I can add a jean jacket with flannel trim over almost anything, and I love having sparkly or patterned tops to layer and create warmth.

Leggings and tights. Now, to be fair, these can be worn any time of the year in some way or fashion. However, winter is when I really start wearing mine everywhere. I can wear them with dresses or a long sweater and boots. No, I’m not the person that wears my leggings as regular pants, but if my top is a bit longer than usual, then of course I’ll go with leggings. And if I decide to wear a dress with tall boots, then tights are perfect for keeping my legs a bit warmer. And the patterns and colors that you can go with – anyone can express their style and mood in some way or another!

Boots. I’ve already mentioned boots a few times, but in and of themselves, they are so much fun! Tall boots or short ones, in different colors and styles, they’re all great. I like having a pair with a tall heel and another with a short heel, usually in different colors, and I also like having several buckles or straps because to me they look super cool. Even a basic jeans and t-shirt outfit looks ten times better if you add cute boots!

Blazers. This one also applies to the spring season, but I just got so excited a few weeks ago when I pulled out one of my blazers and could wear it without getting too hot. Working in a bank means looking fairly nice every day, and blazers/suits always make me feel like a professional, and feeling like that makes me work better. I’ve layered them over even a flannel shirt for a fun look too.

Layers, Scarves & Accessories. Okay, so I’m absolutely terrible at accessorizing. I enjoy scarves and I love doing outfits that have several layers both because I live in Texas and even in October or November, it can still get quite warm during the afternoon and just because they’re so pretty! But I’m also quite lazy. Have you noticed yet? Despite all of that, I’m still in love with details, and if I really decided to put the effort in, I would wear scarves and jewelry all the time. But in the meantime I will watch from afar.

Sweaters. My favorite part of all is the sweaters. The weather is cooler and it’s the season for hot cocoa and caramel lattes (sorry, I can’t get into pumpkin spice that much) – which means it’s also time for oversized and chunky-knit sweaters. It’s time for cozy! I love the feeling of wearing an oversized sweater, especially one that’s a bit off the shoulder or a v-neck. Something about it makes me so happy and I just want to snuggle with someone! Honestly, I want to squeal right now just thinking about it!


What is your favorite part about the fall season?

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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