Mindful Monday: Calm

Happy Monday again, you beautiful fantastic magical people!

The past week felt SO incredibly long. It exhausted me far more than I thought it would. And I made it through, but only to start a new week that is probably going to be even more busy and exhausting than the last one. Oh well. Such is life.

Goals and Plans from Last Week

  • Christmas shopping.
  • Insurance shopping. Half done. I need to do my car insurance this week.
  • Visit my horse two separate times. Monday and Friday.
  • Work on the blogging and writing ideas that I have for 2019.
  • Finish up the next segment of one of my online courses.
  • Start working on a mantra or focused statement to help keep me grounded.
  • Watch my caffeine and sugar intake.
  • Do something active every day, even if only for 5 minutes.

I definitely tried to do better with my communication issues. I’m not sure how well I succeeded – I’ll have to check with The Husband on that. But I did try and I would like to think I did a bit better. Still so much to work on though – I’m not good with speaking or making myself understood in general.

We made it to a rehearsal for the Christmas production that I’m helping with yesterday, I taught a piano lesson Tuesday night, and we went not only to my job’s Christmas party, but also to a friend’s party as well. Busy, but a good week!


Goals and Plans for This Week

  • Stay focused on the writing projects that I can do during the day.
  • Finish reading through Donovan’s Quest – a fiction project I pulled back out.
  • Shop for car insurance.
  • Finish the Christmas shopping.
  • Eat somewhat healthy, or at least avoid eating out all week long.
  • Visit my horse twice.
  • Get back on track with my online course.
  • Stay calm and as relaxed as possible during the craziness.

That Christmas production that I mentioned performs Thursday and Friday night this week and I plan to be at rehearsal on Monday and Wednesday night. Tuesday night I’ll be at a church choir rehearsal that I agreed to play keyboard for. It’ll be a crazy week, but hopefully there won’t be any super late nights, just long days.

I’m slowly getting my plans and goals for the new year sorted out, and I’ve been spending a little bit of time on that every day. Right now, of course, I’ve got a long list that resembles a bucket list more than anything else. So I’m working on narrowing things down, figuring out what is actually feasible and which things I can just say right now will not be happening over the next twelve months. I enjoy that though.

Other Highlights and Thoughts

This week, I’m just trying to soldier through. I’m at that point in the month where my feelings are more fragile and I’m just more sensitive in general, so I have to remember to just keep going, no matter what happens.

I’ve started writing up some recaps of every time I go see my horse and it’s a good way to just think about how things are going with her and what I might want to try with her the next time I visit. One of these days I’m going to fix up my sidebar and I’ll add a link to where you can read those updates if anybody ever wants to.

Plus somewhere in the next few days I absolutely have to go grocery shopping. My fridge and pantry are both very sad right now, so I’ll need to get that fixed as soon as I can.

How are you surviving the holiday craziness?

Love and kindness for everyone!

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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