A Positive Outlook

Greetings, my beautiful magical beings!

I’m still suffering through the last few straggling symptoms of my cold and I am definitely ready to not be sick anymore. It’s a rare occurrence for me and I despise it every time.

Other than that, the first few days of 2019 have been pretty good. My house is clean, I got to see my chiropractor, so far I’ve been fairly productive, and I’m reasonably happy. The only thing that would make it better is if it would stop raining for a few days because I miss the sun. The sun is good for mental health, so I want it back!

I think I’ve made a good start on my goals for this year already. I’m not really worried about anything yet, at any rate. It’s easy to feel like I’m never doing enough, but I am working on that mindset.

And since I’m trying to keep a positive and a balanced outlook, I thought I would share some quotes that I’m using to inspire me right now. Using someone else’s words to get me through my day can work quite well sometimes!


And since I’m working on my positive outlook as I dive headlong into 2019, I’m also hoping and praying that all of you have a magnificent and wonderfully magical new year. Let’s all stay positive and keep the big picture in mind, all while still making sure we do the little things, which really do make all the difference!

Love and kindness!

Katharine Marie

Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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