Elemental Dreamer: Origin Story

Hello my lovely magical people!

It’s been an odd week. What with not feeling 100%, the Texas weather trying to confound us at every turn, a bank holiday (for me), and then having to drive out of town for a doctor appointment, everything has been all over the place in my life. But that’s not what I’m talking about today!

Y’all are my favorite! And I think that out of all the blog spaces I have occupied, this is by far my favorite. I lost touch with my previous space and then had some web issues, so after our wedding, I finally found the time to sit down, start fresh, and really make a space that I absolutely and totally love. Today I want to share my blogger past and the thought process that went into choosing Elemental Dreamer as my home.


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My Blogging Origins

I started blogging in the equestrian community. It is still a wonderful community and I have continued to keep up with many of those folks. I enjoyed the accountability and the space to write about my experiences as I trained my horse into the lovely solid horsey citizen she is today. Somewhere along the way I realized I wanted to write about more than just my horse-related adventures, so I started a separate blog for my life and writing projects. That was the start of something bigger than I even realized.

At the end of 2015 I moved to another city to attend college, and right around the New Year, L’Art Classique was born. This was my “safe space” for the entire time I was in school and there are a lot of things there that I still feel strongly connected to. The entire website is still up and I’m not sure whether I’ll ever take it down.

When I came home after college, L’Art Classique started to feel less and less like the place I needed to have, especially as the direction of my life began to change. So I changed things up and ended up writing under the name Dreamer’s Essence for a while. I liked the name and had big plans for it, but planning our wedding, finding a new job, and figuring out what my new life looked like took over just about everything else.

After my job evened out a little bit and we actually got married, I finally found the time and the energy to blog again. And we ended up with Elemental Dreamer!

Dreamer’s Meaning

I actually love the meaning and synonyms for this. I looked up “dreamer” on Google, and got this.

Noun: A person who dreams or is dreaming. OR, a person who is impractical or idealistic. Synonyms: fantasist, daydreamer, romantic, castle-builder, wishful thinker, idealist, etc.

I laughed a little bit at the whole thing. Sounds like a bit of a jab at people who like to think and dream big. And honestly, that is a bit sad. Real life might be tough and not the stuff of dreams, per se, but why should that stop anyone from trying to be wishful and idealistic. There is a time and place for practicality, but all within reason. At least in my book.

I’ve always considered myself a dreamer. I live for the moments and the colors and the laughter. If you don’t dream and have something you are striving towards, then what use is anything else in life?

The word “dreamer” is one of my favorites. I like to apply it to my life in as many ways as I can, which is the main reason why I wanted to keep it in the blog’s name. It is a big part of my writing habit and it makes me happy.

Elemental Thoughts

Noun: Primary or basic. OR, related to or embodying the powers of nature. Synonyms: principal, fundamental, essential, natural, atmospheric, underlying.

This word is a culmination of trying to gain a deeper understanding of myself. When I studied horse training and classical piano, there was a lot of emphasis on having a solid and pure foundation before being able to achieve greatness. I’ve made great attempts in my meditative and spiritual practices to bring myself back to the basics of what life is truly about.

In another sense, the word “elemental” takes me back to the old legends and myths and the ideas of the elements. You know – fire, water, earth, and sky? Maybe it sounds cheesy, but I have a very strong spiritual connection to nature, so using this specific word brings to mind a sense of attachment to the earth, like a tie to my the basis of my soul.

Words are my preferred method of communication and self-expression. I always feel more in tune with myself when I’m writing, so it has become the basis of myself in a lot of ways.

Combined and Forward

Together, Dreamer and Elemental have a lot of meaning to me and they bring out a different dimension in my creative habits. I feel like in a way, it’s a description of my thoughts.

When I first put this website together, I was envisioning a little bit of everything, but always with a touch of magic involved. I like the idea of injecting a bit of extra color and laughter into everyday life.

I don’t know whether I’ve stuck to that idea so far, but I certainly intend to do so going forward. I’m not always sure what the future has in store, so its hard to say, but I do think that the content I have planned at least over the next few months will definitely be about everyday life and the ways that I try to make it more creative and full of dreams.

Do you blog? If so, what made you choose your name?

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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