April 2019 Goals

Hello beautiful human beings!

I wish I had some kind of clever April Fools thing to put in here, but I really don’t. It’s a Monday morning and I haven’t been sleeping as well as I would like, so jokes really aren’t the easiest thing for me to come up with! I’m loving all the ones I’ve seen on social media so far though!

Today I’m just posting my list of goals for April. It should be a really good month, so I’m ready for it!


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April Goals

  • 6 blog posts.  I posted 8 different times!
  • Complete Camp Nanowrimo.  Nope, but I did make a ton of progress.
  • Write a tentative career/business plan.  Started, but didn’t get very far.
  • Prep and take my lunch with me to work four days a week.  Yup!
  • Burn candles and diffuse oils on a more regular basis.  The diffuser got used a lot more!
  • Read on my lunch break instead of using social media.  I was more hit or miss on this one sadly.
  • Visit Lady on the weekends with nicer weather.  Ha. It rained almost every weekend or was too muddy to do anything at all.
  • Play a Chopin waltz on the piano.  Nope, didn’t happen. Sad face.
  • 2 date nights for The Husband and I.  This did happen!
  • Put X amount in savings.  Nope, had a few unexpected events.
  • Make another payment on my student loans.  Yup.
  • Organize the Massive Closet from Hell.  YES. Thank goodness.
  • Make all reservations and plans for our vacation.  And we’re back safely, so yes!

Spring is always my favorite time of year, mostly because I struggle with seasonal depression and the change is the best thing for my mood. Getting outside more, not watching quite so much TV, and being a bit more positive and energetic is awesome right now!

What are your plans for the month of April? 🙂


Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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