Mindful Monday: Return

Good day, beautiful wonderful people! Welcome to Monday again!

My two weeks of vacation is officially over and we are back to regular life, a normal semi-crazy schedule, and everything that goes along with those things. I’m kind of split about how I feel though. A few days ago I felt really stressed about having to come back to the pressure of everything, but when that panic attack passed I started feeling more and more ready to get back to more of a routine and structure. And now I’m feeling both sides almost equally. It’s a balance, that’s for sure!


Since Last Time…

Well, the biggest thing that we did since I last wrote here is take a 7 day trip. Originally our plans were to visit Nova Scotia and the Prince Edward Islands in eastern Canada, but I ended up having too many issues with my papers (since I’m not born in the US) and we weren’t able to actually leave the country after all. Very sad. So we ended up visiting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania instead and we had SO much fun!! Our feet hurt from walking so much, but between all the pretty city, the museums, and the historic sites, we had more than enough to keep us busy. This was the first major trip that the husband and I have taken together and we are very excited to do it again at some point!

Other than traveling though, I can’t say that I got a whole lot done over the last two weeks. I mostly just allowed myself to take the time off and do basically nothing. I cleaned and packed in the days before our flight and then became a couch¬†vegetable once we got back. It was restful though and I really believe that being able to take so much of that mental pressure off of myself was something I truly needed deep down.

This Week…
  • Just settle back into our regular life and routine.
  • Get some major blog work done! Two weeks was long enough…
  • Finish reading at least one of the books I’ve started recently.
  • Don’t just pile on the mental pressure again just because I’m back to work. Keep some of that relaxed calmer feeling.
  • Continue working on that novel project, the story isn’t going to write itself!
  • Catch up on laundry and keep the dishes under control.

What I’m Reading…

I’ve always dreamt of being able to work from home or at least being able to somehow get my work/home-life balance figured out in a satisfactory way. I’ve come to accept that it’s not really something you ever “figure out” just because life is always changing. But reading this post from No Sidebar was incredibly refreshing to find in my feed this morning. I love reading something that isn’t extreme about a lifestyle in any sort of way, just straightforward and totally real about values and finding your own “sweet spot”, no matter what that might be.

I know we just got back from vacation, but this recap of a trip to The Matterhorn by Young Adventuress caught my eye and now I’m obsessed. I NEED to go see some mountains. Somewhere. Anywhere.¬†And since the Alps were one of the first real mountain ranges that I was privileged to see, they are very special in my heart. Switzerland is now most definitely a lot higher on the travel list!

What I’m Recommending…

Going with the same work/life balance theme from earlier, I was so excited to see this blog post from one of my favorite foodie blogs, Pinch of Yum. She gathered so many different perspectives about motherhood and how it can mesh with the work life and I nearly cried reading it because that is one of the things that stresses me out about starting our family right now. I most likely won’t be working a regular 9-5 job while raising my kids, but I’ve always known that I do want to work part time or from home or something else. And I still do, but when I acknowledge how hard I find trying to balance work with personal life at this point, when I don’t have children at home waiting for me, it causes some panic about how I’m going to balance it in 4-5 months when I do have a baby that needs me on top of everything else in my life. It was so refreshing to read all these different women share their thoughts and to realize that that balance looks different for everyone. Lots of love for every woman out there – life is not easy!

On a totally different note now! I just found this recipe for chocolate brownie cookies on Gimme Some Oven. You know, the ones with the crinkly outsides and the chewy insides. I haven’t even tried this particular recipe yet, but I’m still going to recommend them (I’ve made multiple recipes from this blog and they are all fantastic!) because I am craving them right now so badly! I just need to grab another bag of chocolate so that I can make them one night this week. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Because chocolate makes everything better!

What is everyone else up to this week? Let me know, I want to hear from you guys!!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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