A Positive Spin

Hello wonderful dreamers!

Fridays are awesome. Or at least they are when you don’t have to work on Saturday. So today isn’t quite as awesome for me, but I have a lot of fun weekends coming up soon which more than makes up for this one. I’ll have to remember to document some of those fun timesĀ on social media as they come up!

In case you missed it (which is totally possible) I wrote this post on Tuesday about all the things in my life that I wished were a certain way or wanted to improve upon. When I went back and reread that post it sounded a lot more pessimistic and negative that I had originally intended.


And then today. I was researching the idea of “life audits” and how they can help improve one’s goal-making process or just life in general. Which is honestly a great idea and I know the idea helps a lot of people out. But I started feeling a little bit dragged down with the intensity of it.

Finally I decided that trying to analyze every area of life, no matter how well-intentioned it is, just was not going to work for me. And I decided instead to just make another list of things today… this time a list of all the beautiful, amazing things that my life is made up of. Much brighter and happier and so much better for my mental health.

I live in a nice small town, with my parents and friends close by. It’s a place that I know quite well and feel comfortably settled into.

I have a pretty awesome job that takes good care of their employees and a great work environment. I don’t get stressed out or constantly frustrated by my job, so I can actually get off and enjoy the rest of my day – that’s always a good thing!

I’m always entertained by my two weirdo cats who like to snuggle, bite, and act like lunatics in turn. It’s hilarious and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Even though my pregnancy hasn’t exactly been super easy, I am very aware that things could have already been much more difficult or scary, and I am so so SO glad that they haven’t. I have a fabulous midwife and our little lady is healthy and happy and extremely loved by both me and her daddy (as well as loads of other people).

Speaking of which, I’m also very blessed with an incredibly supportive partner. There is nobody I would rather share my life with and it still blows my mind sometimes how quick he is to do whatever or be wherever at any time. It’s hard to find people nowadays who understand unconditional love, but he’s one of them. I don’t deserve him.

I would consider it a blessing that I have such a variety of interests because it enables me to know a lot about many different things and be able to engage with more people. I may not be an expert in anything but I don’t have to be. It’s better for me.

Now it’s your turn – what is the most positive spin you can put on your current life? I think there were probably several other things I could have written about, but this was a good start.

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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