Mindful Monday: Emotions

Hello beautiful wonderful people!

It’s time for another one of our Mindful Monday posts – a roundup of things I’m currently into, some current goals, and some mini updates on my personal life.

It’s been a whole mess of, well, just about everything really. We are right smack in the middle of trying to move, we acquired a new car, and are working towards one or two other big things. So I’ve been dealing with all of that while still┬áriding the whole gamut of emotions and feelings that pregnancy has been throwing at me. It’s been fun!


Since Last Time…

I’ve continued to slowly chip away at my Camp Nano project. I have serious doubts about whether I’ll reach my goal but my comfort right now is that all the issues have been outside of the story – that is still coming along nicely, no plot issues or anything like that. Yay!

This past weekend was the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, where we had the premiere screening of my husband’s short film. Being accepted into this festival was a huge achievement for him so it was very exciting to be able to go attend the event!

We’re still working on getting that unicorn house figured out, but there’s some possibilities in the works right now so things should get sorted fairly soon. I’m hopeful, anyways!

Coming Up Next…
  • More packing! Yippee.
  • Lots and lots of writing. I’m so behind.
  • Stay cool and out of the ridiculous Texas heat.
  • Continue taking things one day at a time.
What I’m Reading…

What blog posts caught my eye?

Trying to make friends is not one of my strong suits – I’m very bad at it. But Rosie of The Londoner wrote this post last week about how so much changes when we grow up and it kind of struck a chord with me. Sometimes we just need to look at it from a different perspective to see what we’re missing.

I’m getting so close to having my own child earth-side and my anxiety has really been doing a number on my confidence about becoming a mother. And then things like this post on Motherly give me a breath of fresh air and remind me that I’m going to be okay. It may not be easy, but there will be (and already are) moments that remind me why I wanted this in the first place.

What book am I currently reading?

I wish I had a new fiction book to put here, but the truth is that I’m drowning in books about birth, breastfeeding, health, etc. So much information that I’m attempting to stuff into my head over the next while before baby A gets here. So nope, nothing very exciting in the reading department right now, sadly.

What I’m Thinking About…

What issue has been preoccupying my thoughts?

I’m a lot further behind on my Nanowrimo project than I was really planning to be at this point and even though I know that it’s okay, it still bothers me. Giving myself grace is something I’m working on during this season of life, especially with how emotional and hormonal I’ve been recently!

What’s coming up soon for my online platform?

If you haven’t noticed, I really haven’t been as active as I planned to be. Emotions, anxiety, whatever. In all honesty, it’s just been really hard to put the time in some days. My priorities are in the right place to get it done, but then I also sleep all the time, so that interferes. I’ll likely write a post about this particular thing in the near future.

What do I really want to buy right now?

So much chocolate. I know maybe it’s not the healthiest thing in the world or whatever, but I want to buy all the chocolate! And all the other snacks too. Mama is starving over here. LOL.

What thing in the future am I pre-planning in my head?

Honestly, a whole lot of issues! Pregnancy brain has most definitely kicked in at this point and my thoughts are ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. It’s a bit insane really.

Now it’s your turn! How are things going in your life?? Let me know!

Sending you love and kindness!

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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