August 2019 Goals

Hey there, gorgeous creative readers!

Today is the second of August, which means this post is a day late. I’ve sort of been putting off the process of writing it because my brain can’t seem to comprehend the date. It just can’t compute.

Anyways, this is the last full month before September gets here – the month that I have lovingly dubbed “Baby Month.” Which means I have like a million things to do, right?


I decided not to make a specific list of goals for the month because every time I tried to do that I came up with exactly two things.

Move and prepare for baby.

There is a lot involved in each one of those things, so instead of making a list I’m just going to unpack each one a little bit in this post.


We finally found a place to move into and it is super cozy and ridiculously adorable. I’m so happy, not just that we found it but that it happens to be in a lovely little area, which is what we really wanted more than anything else. We’ll be losing some square footage, but even so I’m just set on the fact that this is going to be a wonderful first home for Baby A. (Yes, pregnancy hormones and my nesting feelings are playing into this, don’t judge me.)

But moving when I’m almost eight months pregnant is a fun challenge. Basically I can’t actually move or lift anything and even packing is a bit on the challenging side. So far I’ve been able to pack up lighter items like clothes or whatnot and last night I basically sat in a chair and directed a friend on what I wanted thrown out and what was actually getting packed.

The biggest thing we’ll be losing is closet space (I was very spoiled by the walk-in closets in the apartment) so I’m quite adamant that we purge some of our stuff during this move. The less we have to move and then store the better, right?

It’s a process and we’re hoping to be moved over in about a week-10 days. We’ll see how this goes!

Baby Prep…

I’m very eager and excited to get this move going and over with because after that’s done I get to start prepping the new place for Baby A! Most of what we’ve gotten for her so far has been stored at my mom’s house so that we wouldn’t be moving things twice. Now, though, I’ll finally be able to sort through and organize everything the way I want to. Maybe that will help me start to feel more ready? Who knows.

I still have a stack of books to read through in the next month or so, but knowledge-wise I am definitely starting to feel a little bit more relaxed. That and just chatting with my moms and friends really helps. The random customers at work that like to make comments and tell me stories do NOT help. PSA: a couple of friendly, generic questions might not make this pregnant woman upset, but your opinions and advice most definitely will. Just don’t do it.

The hardest part about preparing for baby to get here, however, is actually the emotional and mental part. I am so obsessed with her already, but I’m aware that I don’t truly understand the magnitude of what being a parent is going to entail and it’s hard not knowing how I’m going to handle all of that. The Husband has been so amazing already, he takes on all sorts of stuff that I’m not handling well and tells me how amazing the whole thing is over and over and over again until I’m sure he’s fed up with it. (I have a serious problem with needing to be reassured time and time again. He is ridiculously patient about it.)

We have a baby shower in a couple weeks, and a few other smaller events going on throughout the month but overall, scheduling doesn’t look too bad.

I’m also looking forward to seeing a few movies this month – I have yet to go see The Lion King and there are several others that I’ve been hearing good things about.

Other than that, it’s August in Texas, which means staying inside with the air conditioning as much as possible! Lemonade and fans are good friends right now.

What do you have planned for the month of August?

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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