Analyzing 2019 Goals

Hello fabulous dreamers!

August is almost over and we’re getting SO CLOSE to it being fall again. I’m excited about it though – fall is a lovely season.

I was outlining my goals post for September and it struck me that I’m not resonating as much anymore with the goals that I set out for the year. Not that they aren’t still relevant goals or things I want to do anymore, but rather that my priorities have shifted. Which isn’t exactly surprising… I wrote out my goals before I became pregnant and even though baby A was (mostly) planned. I didn’t really plan for how big my mental shift would be throughout this journey. I’m not saying that pregnancy totally changed how I think, but yeah, maybe it did change a lot more than I anticipated.

So I wanted to take a moment here to review my goals for 2019. We have four full months left in this year and I just want to take a look at what has happened already, what is not likely to happen at this point, and what, if anything, has changed.


What goals have I already accomplished in 2019?

Travel – We basically did all the traveling we had originally planned. Paperwork issues meant we weren’t able to leave the country, but we took a week-long vacation in the spring, and spent several weekends away. They were all great adventures!

Life – We were able to move out of the apartment we had been living in since we got married and I am a million times happier in our new place. At first we had looked at buying a place, but ended up choosing to rent for a while longer, which should translate into making the buying process a lot easier in the future. So that’s another goal met.

Writing – I’ve made so much progress! I’m finally blogging on a consistent basis. There were a few months in the spring where I didn’t quite meet my monthly goal, but I made up for those months at other times so it works itself out. I mean, this is the 52nd post this year – better than ANY other blogging project I’ve ever done in the past.

Personal – If you discount the fact that I’m currently in a bit of a funk due to a myriad of things, my struggle with anxiety and depression has been much easier, or at least more straightforward. Something or other. I’ve gotten lots better about communicating too, something that has definitely contributed to a better marriage relationship too!

Which goals can I say for certain are no longer relevant or can be struck completely?

It’s hard to say that any of my goals are “no longer relevant” or anything like that because despite all the changes, everything on my list is still something that I want in my life. It’s just that my priorities have changed and I’m not nearly so focused on trying to achieve these things now.

Are there things that I still want to accomplish, but maybe my time frame has changed?

The financial goals have definitely been difficult this year and very few of them have come together, if I’m being honest. We’re still working towards them, but the time frame is stretching out longer than I anticipated. We’ve had unanticipated expenses and various things got in the way, but the actual goals are still the same.

My personal goals, the ones about my mental issues and healthy habits, have also been difficult. I’m definitely viewing them in a different light, since I actually wrote them out before I was pregnant, but they still definitely apply. The same goes for several of my creative things – I’ve still wanted to work on them, but needing to sleep all the time got in the way more than I anticipated!

I haven’t been able to do much with my horse as I wanted to, also due to the baby, but I have big plans for that come winter/spring – more on that eventually!

What would be a re-written list of my goals for the remainder of 2019? Why?

Overall, a bunch of things would be cut out and saved for another day, or pushed back to next year (which, by the way, has a lot of big plans already too!). But if I were to rewrite my list of goals for the remainder of the year it would be excruciatingly simple.

  • Figure our way through the first few months of family/parenting life.
  • Keep up with the blogging and also my freelance projects.
  • Remember the birthdays and thank you cards like a good polite person.
  • SELF. CARE. No joke. Alone time, less expectations, vitamins, water, fresh air. All the things.
  • Practice cooking a wider variety of food, since I get stuck in a rut very quickly.

And that would, quite literally, be the only things on the list. Because those are my priorities.

How do I think I will go about changing my goal-setting process when 2020 rolls around?

2020 is probably going to look entirely different from what 2019 has been so far. I’m super excited about it and also a little nervous because I’ll probably be making some big personal changes and choices and that’s always a little nerve-wracking, right?

But I think when the new year rolls around, I’m going to be taking a harder look at what exactly my priorities are and where I truly want to spend my time. More than likely, I’ll make less specific goals for the year overall.

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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