Prepping the Nursery

Hello lovely fanciful dreamers!

One of the best parts about getting to finally move this month is the fact that I was finally able to start collecting and organizing baby stuff! My nesting instincts kicked in somewhere around the end of July and it was driving me bonkers that I couldn’t really do anything with those feelings!

So today I want to share (aka ramble on about) some of my nursery ideas!


We don’t actually have a dedicated room for Baby A’s nursery. Once she’s sleeping fairly well and moves out of our bedroom, she’ll be sharing the second room with The Husband’s office/video editing space. It’ll be cozy, but we still have quite enough room for her crib and dresser, so it’ll work out quite nicely I think.

When picking out “theme ideas” and colors I’ve consistently come back to pastel colors and cutesy woodland animals. Everyone seems to think that I don’t like pink because I want greens and yellows and blues… but that’s not really true. It’s just a preference! Although I have threatened to put in a bright pink shag rug under the crib, just to mess with the black aesthetic that The Husband currently has going on in that room! I love to tease, apparently. I guess she’ll have to wear bows or something to let everyone know that she’s a girl, since even a lot of the clothes we’ve collected are more gender-neutral. Ha!

I’m trying to keep things as simple as possible, which isn’t always easy. As of right now, I’m setting up the basics in our bedroom with her bassinet, while keeping everything else in the other room/nursery. Once my mom comes over to help me sort everything out I’ll start getting a better idea because trust me, I have no clue what I’m doing!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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