Quarter 3 Update, October Goals

Happy Tuesday, lovely readers and friends!

Somehow today is the second of October. I was caught me totally by surprise, which is why this didn’t go up. Not really surprising since September was almost entirely spent adjusting to being a family of three instead of just me and The Husband. Easy to lose track of time, especially while I’m not working.


Today I figured I would just cover all the various goal aspects – the end of the third quarter of 2019, September’s goals, new goals for October, etc. Just all the things.

2019 Goals – Quarter 3 Update

Writing and Blogging – I published seven blog posts in July, nine in August and five in September. With my goal being six per month, I’ll take those numbers quite happily! Sadly I still didn’t have any time with the horses so there was nothing to write about on that front. I did do some reading and light editing on my fiction project – I’m procrastinating a little on what needs to come next… a first full edit followed by a complete rewrite. I’ve definitely been working on my freelancing skills though.

Creative Pursuits – I haven’t done much over the last three months really. My brain was definitely in full-on baby mode. I did read quite a bit more though, especially once the pregnancy insomnia hit and The Husband bought me a tablet so I could read at night.

Personal and Life Goals – I did a lot better about cooking at home and being a bit healthier. I tried to work on my communication skills – still need a lot of work though on that front. And, of course, we moved to a new place in August – big change there! But we love that particular change. Plus the having a baby thing, you know.

September 2019 Goal Recap

My one and only goal for September was to give myself a lot of patience and grace through the end of pregnancy and the early newborn baby stage. Adaline decided to show up earlier than we expected, 10 days before her due date, so most of the month was spent on that newborn stage and also on my own recovery.

I think overall everything went fairly well. We’re still adjusting and I’m still trying to figure out as much as possible before I go back to work. It’s going to take time, I know, and life will never really settle down again, at least not in the way we were used to!

October 2019 Goals
  • Make the transition back to work as smooth and painless as possible.
  • Find the time to go see my horse on at least one weekend. I’m still banned from riding, but at least I feel good enough to spend some time with her, right??
  • Get the baby on a mostly consistent schedule to help with the nighttime sleep.
  • Keep my own self care a priority – not easy when you have a new baby!

And that’s about it – nothing that seems too much of a reach, I hope. We shall see.

Another month, another fun exciting chance to do all the things! Here goes.

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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