thirteen confessions

Hello fellow dreamers!

In January, I posted what I called an Updated Introduction, basically telling everyone who I am and what I do or whatever.

Well, today I thought I would continue on that train of thought. The original plan as I started writing this post was just to do random facts about me, but then it evolved into a list of confessions? I’m still decided whether I’ll regret this or not, but regardless, here it is! This is also connected with some social media posts I’m going to be making throughout the rest of February, so maybe it’s not totally random. I don’t know.


One. I still can’t wrap my mind around how to maintain small talk. I just find it so awkward and difficult that I always want to run as far away as possible.

Two. I barely feel comfortable calling myself a writer most of the time. Wouldn’t a real writer actually finish projects more regularly and not procrastinate so much? I feel like I talk a lot but don’t actually follow through.

Three. Even at 25 years old, I’m still afraid of the dark. That’s why I don’t watch horror movies, or even anything remotely creepy after the sun goes down.

Four. Some days I don’t want to be a mom. I want to put that whole identity in a box and go do something else for a few days. I know it’s a totally normal feeling, but it still makes me feel guilty.

Five. I’m weirdly obsessed with Billie Eilish right now? I know the whole world kind of is at the moment, but still.

Six. I’ve had the idea of possibly fostering kids sitting in the back of my mind since I was pretty young, like maybe twelve or thirteen. I’m still interested, but who knows.

Seven. One of the things my social anxiety tells me is that nobody believes what I say – nobody actually believes that I suffer with depression or anxiety.

Eight. I kind of really want another tattoo, even though I have no idea what.

Nine. The Husband is always turning on really awful movies (like the bad 90s stuff) for us to watch and honestly, I enjoy them a lot more than I want to admit.

Ten. I really think I could have some form of ADHD. My brain is a mess.

Eleven. I didn’t want a relationship. I wasn’t interested in getting married or even having children. But then that cliche happened: “when you meet the right person.” Even though it was absolutely true in my case and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I still get annoyed that the cliche was true for me.

Twelve.There is a long on-going struggle in my mind about letting go of all the work I put into having a musical career. I know that in the end it wasn’t the career I truly wanted, but I still have some issues letting it go.

Thirteen. You know what I said earlier about being afraid of the dark? Well, I still listen to the soundtracks from those movies sometimes because the thrill is just a little too much fun. I know, super weird.

I have a weird thing about confessions and I’ve enjoyed similar blog posts from other people, so that’s why I’m sharing this now. If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (Instagram in particular) then you should go do that now because I’ll be doing several posts over the next few weeks related to this list. It’s really vulnerable writing something like this, but I’m working to let go a little and we’ll see what happens!

What’s something about you that nobody really knows about?

Love, light, and a multitude of kindness,


Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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Small talk: SAME!!!!!
Writing: you’re a writer, as am I, but boy do I feel this….
While I’m not afraid of the dark, I think it’s actually a good thing to not enjoy horror and that sort of thing. Especially after dark and when it gets closer to bedtime.
Yup. I feel the same about being a mom… though now that they’re both running around I enjoy it more.
You can be obsessed with Billie Eilish. I’m gonna be obsessed with Corb Lund. Lol! Not that I’ve listened to her stuff…. I’m more like Corb than I would like to admit in that it takes a ton of effort on my part to listen to new people…
I don’t ever want to foster kids. But I’m not against adopting….
I totally understand what your social anxiety is telling you. It’s hard to believe that you have anxiety and depression sometimes but I’m trying to constantly remind myself because now that I’ve had PPD I know a little of what you’re going through. People believe but have a hard time relating when they haven’t experienced anything like it…
ANOTHER tattoo?…?…? Lol I don’t want one. I’m not a fan of putting things IN my skin or causing potential harm to myself to look good. Lol. Hence why I don’t have pierced ears….
Haha! Actually I can relate to the whole bad 90s movie thing. Why…?!
Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if ADHD was the cause of your anxiety and depression….
I also hate when cliches are ever actually true so I get it…. although I’m glad you found someone and he makes you happy!!!
I’m not sure what to say about the music career. If it’s not what you wanted, maybe spend some time mourning the years lost to that pursuit and be grateful you discovered you didn’t want it before it became too big a hassle to get out of?
Yup. You’re weird. But I like you that way. 😀

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