Finding the Beauty

Hi all you wonderful people!
I’m here for a ramble today before we close out this month that has been full of posts about thoughts and emotions and dealing with the strangeness that is 2020. It’s been weird and crazy and so, SO, random.
It’s easy to just want to give up on the world, on people in general. Everyone is horrible, nobody is good anymore, everything is just a messy disaster. Even the murder hornets didn’t want to stick around because we weren’t worth their time. That should tell us something. When everyone does nothing except argue with each other and it feels like nobody can agree on anything – that is incredibly discouraging

And yet, despite all of that, people are coming together more than ever. Maybe not in person because of social distancing, but in the ways that count. People are connecting again, having hard conversations, being compassionate to people that are suffering.

Humans have gotten so creative – we’ve figured ways around just about every obstacle ever. Artists are finding new ways to get their work out there, working from home is now seeming like a much more viable option for companies to utilize, and schooling is being re-imagined in totally new ways – that’s just a few of the ways that 2020 has changed our perspectives. We love to rise above, to defeat our enemies, and this year has definitely been the year to do that. On top of learning to live our lives differently than ever before, we’ve also begun to analyze things that have been considered taboo topics in the past: racism, human trafficking, politics, etc. Everything else is falling apart right now, why don’t we go ahead and tackle some of these issues head-on, right? Even though they also bring about more controversy and battles, I think its really cool that people are standing up for their rights and their beliefs. It’s inspiring and motivating to me personally.

People are still not all that great. The universe is still falling apart. But humanity and our world itself is still beautiful. There is still kindness, still strength and love and bravery out there, even when its hard to see. Life is hard, but it’s beautiful at the same time, perhaps because of the difficulties. This year has been challenging for everyone in different ways and I think it’s beautiful that everyone is finding their own way to get through it, to come together in new ways.

So, what’s one thing you see in the world today that is beautiful?

Love, light, and kindness every moment of the day,

Katharine Espinosa

Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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