Reading in 2021

Hello beautiful dreamers,

My content is usually all over the place, however I am making an attempt to add more reading/book related content to my blog posts. Especially considering that I am in the process of making a career out of writing and books, it seems appropriate.

Reading was something I did obsessively as a child/teenager, but slowly fell out of the habit during college. And now, of course, running around after a toddler takes up a lot of my day, so reading doesn’t always fit into my day. However, the daydreams never stop, so I always come back to my books. 

Ironically, however, it has actually been college 2.0 that kicked my reading into gear this time around. In order to be ready to enter the industry that I want, I have to be more knowledgeable about the books in my genres, the publishing trends, and so on. With that in mind, I’ve been keeping an eye out and adding SO many books to my To Be Read list (TBR).

Favorite Genres

My favorite genre is 100% fantasy. However, I’m not finicky and I will read just about anything that piques my fancy. I like a handful of science fiction, although I’m a little particular about which ones I read, and I also prefer my romances to have realistic plot points. So I guess I’m a little finicky.

I read a lot of spicy romance novels and the occasional historical fiction. I pick and choose my fantasy reads, since there’s a lot of meh content out there, and I enjoy a strong contemporary women’s fiction or a good thriller from time to time. 


My reading goal for 2021 was to read 24 books, or 2 books a month. I’m currently reading my 6th book for the year, which puts me just a teensy bit behind. Also, do I count the one book that I started over Christmas break, but finished in January? I’m torn. Also, I got 6 chapters into Ready Player One before I got annoyed and moved on. Whether or not I’ll actually finish it is to be determined but I don’t have high hopes. Sorry.

Over the weekend I completed what I thought was a standard contemporary fiction, but ended up being a sort of murder mystery? I’m not entirely sure and I’m still debating what to put in my review – but I’ll link to it whenever that happens.

Speaking of reviews, I have also started to update my GoodReads profile to keep up with progress. If you also use GoodReads, comment with a link to your profile so I can follow you and we can share recommendations!

How much do you like to read and what are your favorite genres? I’d love to find out!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.

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