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Changes At Home: Jobs, Life, And Dreams Coming True

Taking on a new job has brought a lot of changes into our family life, but all for the better. It’s hard to believe that our dreams are finally coming true!

Happy Friday, my dear beautiful souls! I’m not someone who likes change. A little spontaneity sometimes? Sure. But changes happening all the time? Not really. It stresses me out. I like to know what’s coming so I can mentally prepare. But as our job situations have changed at home recently, I’ve been adjusting to a very different home and family life. It’s not particularly easy, but it’s definitely worth every little struggle.

I’m less than a month into a new job, one that finally allowed my husband to leave the job he’d been stuck in for too long. Because of the fabulous office we built in our backyard last year, I get to spend my days working from home (and, tbh, popping in for toddler love and snacks all the time) and making my career dreams come true. I’m working two part-time jobs now, both as editorial assistants and honestly, as far as new jobs go, I could not be happier. Both of the teams I work with are supportive, enthusiastic, and just incredible.

Of course, the jobs are fabulous, but so is the new dynamic we have in our home and family life. My amazing husband gets to stay home now, which means he’s the primary parent during the day and gets to follow his dreams too! As a family, I think we’re all much happier and definitely more relaxed. It was a pretty drastic change at first, being around each other so much more often than we were used to, but the Tiny Princess loves having us both around more. That and having so much more flexibility in our schedule are both huge perks. As far as changes go at home, it doesn’t get better than this!

The dynamic within myself has been a little harder to adjust to, but I’m getting there a little bit more every day. Right now, of course, I’m still heavily in the phase of taking in an incredible amount of information daily as I learn the new job, so I’m mentally exhausted at the end of the day. That will get better with time for sure. Other changes bother me on and off at times, like the mom guilt especially.

It is so hard to accept that I’m actually a better parent now that I’m working, but it is the truth. I’m able to relax and enjoy things more now instead of being on edge so often. That guilt just stems from a cultural belief that as a mom, I am best suited for being the primary parent. In reality, each parent is differently equipped to deal with their child, and I really struggled with being emotionally available all the time. Now that things are split more evenly, I’m able to meet her needs much better.

All of that to say, dreams really do come true! We had been talking about this life for so long that sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re actually doing this! The changes that have occurred over the last month are incredible and I couldn’t be happier with our situation now. I only hope everyone can find their dream too.

Posted by Katharine Espinosa

Katharine is a freelance writer, editor, and aspiring author. She loves coffee, chocolate, cats, and riding her horses on the weekends. She lives in rural Texas with her husband and daughter.


Wow! So happy for you 🙂


Thank you! It’s been an amazing change 🙂

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