About The Writer

My name is Katharine Marie (she/her) and I identify as a writer. I am also a stay-at-home mom, living in rural Texas with my soulmate, our toddler, and my psychotic black cat. For over ten years, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, and over time, I began to use the experiences to add depth to the characters in my novels.

Although I read from almost every genre, I prefer speculative fiction like fantasy or science fiction, romance, or contemporary new adult stories. My own work mostly falls under new adult fantasy with some experimentation thrown in for good measure. Although my only completed project is a self-published novel from 2012, I have high hopes for several of my other nearly finished manuscripts. I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing and I work part-time as an editor for middle school English textbooks. My goal is to work in the publishing industry and eventually go on to get a graduate degree in the same field.

My personal life is always a mess, but I try to be as real as possible. Whenever I magically come across some free time, I usually listen to music or ride my horse. But raising small humans doesn’t allow for much free time, and I’ve been coming to terms with that. I hope you’ll join me here for the ride!

About The Blog

Life is hard. There’s no easy way around that. But it can also be pretty fantastic, and I’m here to try and find a balance between the two extremes.

Elemental Dreamer is a mix of lifestyle posts, mental health experiences, and a lot of writing about words in books. It’s a mess a lot of the time, just like me, just like life, and just like you probably feel right now too. Part of this platform is focused on my writing career, but honestly, I create content here so that not all of us will feel so alone in our situations.

I’m not going to tell you to be thankful in the face of frustration, and I’ll never be overly positive about life because that isn’t an accurate portrayal of my life and it probably isn’t yours either. We’re all figuring out how to make it through and wondering how to make the best of it. So let’s do it together.

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