Katharine Marie & Elemental Dreamer

Elemental Dreamer

Elemental Dreamer is the culmination of nearly ten years of blogging and combines all the most important pieces of Katharine in one place. Her portfolio of work, book recommendations, and mental health blogging coexist in one space. the blog in particular is her way to connect with others, bring awareness to mental health issues, and share personal experiences. Hopefully there is a little bit of something for every person who passes through.

Katharine Marie

Although I’ve tried on a variety of hats in my almost 30 years of existence, writing and editing have always been my constant. Since marrying my soulmate and becoming a parent, I’ve been lucky enough to turn my little hobby into a full-time career. Now I’m passionate about diversity, feminism, love, and acceptance – especially when it comes to mental health, since I deal with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. When I’m not writing or playing with my toddler, I’m riding my horse, playing piano, or collaborating with my husband on one of his film projects. This is my crazy life and I love it more and more every day!

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