How I Made My Dreams Come True

Hi there! My name is Katharine Marie. As a professional wordsmith who specializes in content editing and book development, I thrive on analyzing stories, developing characters, and proofreading final copies of projects. Nothing gets me giddier than creative word choices and planning out elaborate projects.

Shortly before the pandemic started, I quit my full-time job as a bank teller so that I could be a stay-at-home mom. That lasted all of a month before I had decided to go back to school and picked up a part-time remote job. I graduated with my BA in English and Creative Writing at the end of 2021 and have continued to work with GF Educators the entire time. In that role, I work on textbooks for 3-10 grade English classes, doing everything from writing sample essays to checking the style guides to handling the final proofread before the books go to the printers. In April of 2022, I started working part-time as an Editorial Operations Assistant for HomeLight. Between the two jobs and some random freelancing in between, I’m able to make all my family’s dreams come true!

My life is busy and chaotic at times but since choosing to follow my passion, I am so incredibly happy. I live in rural NE Texas with my husband/best friend, wild toddler, and two rambunctious cats. In my minuscule spare time, I also enjoy riding my horse, reading, and sometimes quilting.

Welcome to Elemental Dreamer! I hope you stay for a while and maybe we can work together sometime!

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