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Revamp 2.0

Hello stardust beings,

I’m drowning in the insanity that is making a website. I had some issues go down with my hosting services and lost some of my backups, so I’m redoing a lot of things from scratch. Which is… fine… since I needed to add/change some things around the website anyways, but still quite frustrating. Right now I’m archiving a lot of past posts, which is why there is very little content to look at, but things will be back up and normal soon.

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July Thoughts

Hello lovelies,

I haven’t written much lately, mainly because I’ve been drowning a bit in writing-intensive classes and I’m still finding my balance between work and fun writing time. But I wanted to hop online this week so that at least I don’t let the month go by without posting something. This might be a bit disconnected, but that’s kind of the way my brain is working right now, so that’s what you get. Continue reading →

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Hi everyone! 

I’ve missed writing for the blog over the last month. I was doing so much work behind the scenes and the house-buying process went absolutely haywire. In trying to deal with all that, I also fell behind on schoolwork, which is why I’m not 100% back to normal yet. Also, what’s normal? Continue reading →

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A Year of Pandemic

Hello lovely humans,

Before we dive in today, I wanted to announce that I’m going to be starting to write a monthly email newsletter! Everything is still coming together, but I’ll be sharing the sign-up links very soon. The emails will include personal notes from me, recommendations, resources, and exclusive works of fiction by yours truly. I’m excited about this new project and hope you’ll join in! Thanks!

Looking Back

One year ago, I was trying to adjust to a new variant of life, a new normal, you could say. The Best Husband had just gone back to work after six weeks of furlough because of the pandemic. Texas was trying out its first reopening plan and we were still hopeful that by the time summer truly hit, we would be back to pre-pandemic life.

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nanowrimo: april 2021 edition

Hello fellow dreamers,

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that I was going to use Camp Nanowrimo as a way to improve my blogger presence in 2021. I listed out 30 tasks that I thought were reasonably simple with the goal of having a much more cohesive look and a better plan for the future of the website and my platform as a writer overall. I’m very attached to my little corner of the internet and was very excited to make it even better and even more useful.

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Reading in 2021

Hello beautiful dreamers,

My content is usually all over the place, however I am making an attempt to add more reading/book related content to my blog posts. Especially considering that I am in the process of making a career out of writing and books, it seems appropriate.

Reading was something I did obsessively as a child/teenager, but slowly fell out of the habit during college. And now, of course, running around after a toddler takes up a lot of my day, so reading doesn’t always fit into my day. However, the daydreams never stop, so I always come back to my books. 

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Projects and Life

Hello beautiful creatures,

Did you notice the design changes? Did you? I’m quite proud of the direction all my little updates are going. Obviously there’s a lot of changes that still have to take place and I debated with myself about not posting until I had everything fixed just right, but honestly, when in life do we ever have things fixed up just the way we want them? Continue reading →

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Finding New Footing

Hello beautiful readers!

I hope 2021 is treating all of you lovely people well, despite all the chaos of the real world. I hope you’re able to take time for your own needs and self care and that you have people in your life who are supporting and loving you through everything that’s been happening. If you have the mental and emotional capacity, hopefully you’re able to check in with and be a support person for someone else. Continue reading →

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Marriage after Children

Hi beautiful people!

Major apologies for not getting this up on Friday – I got online to post and discovered my website was down. So I ended up spending so much time fixing it that putting up a blog post seemed pointless afterward.

So… I am no relationship expert. Not by any means whatsoever. I just figure it out as I go along. And, like most things in life, I tend to try and stick to just a handful of basic rules while I do it. One of those rules that I knew I needed to keep in mind, way before the Tiny Princess came along, was always put your marriage relationship first.
It might be a little harsh when I put it like that, but I know myself and I know that when life gets crazy, my priorities tend to get a little out of whack. So step one: know yourself, I guess? Easier said than done, right?

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Mental Health in a Pandemic

Hi all you beautiful wonderful people!

I guess it’s been a hot little minute since I tried to scrape together a real mental health post. Probably because I haven’t been in the mood to share. It’s been survival central at our house lately, which can be super rough at times, but I also totally recognize the need to share the bad along with the good. Especially right now when everyone’s mental state is more fragile because hello! We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Nobody’s brain is really wired to know how to handle this! And that should be totally okay.

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