The Importance Of A Daily Writing Habit, For Everyone!

The Importance Of A Daily Writing Habit, For Everyone!

Ever since making writing and editing my full-time job, I’ve made sure to include some time in my daily schedule for personal projects. This writing habit has become crucial to feeling like I’m actually good with words. I’ve dabbled in a bit of poetry, done some flash fiction, and this past week made some progress on a novel I’ve wanted to finish for years. Whatever the reason, though, I think having a daily writing habit is something that pretty much anyone could benefit from.

A Daily Routine

One way I manage to write every day is by using apps and websites like Daily Prompt, or Reedsy Prompts. Sometimes focusing on the same project for days on end can feel monotonous, and sources like these help change things up just enough to be exciting while still holding onto the daily aspect of my writing habit.
Although I don’t always write at the same exact time every day (usually first thing when I get into the office, but sometimes at the end of my work hours), making it a non-negotiable part of my daily routine is incredibly helpful for me. This was a lot harder when I was also navigating the water of stay-at-home parenting because routines and toddlers are very hard to mesh together well. So with changing our home life recently, my writing habit has become easier to maintain, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible with a more chaotic schedule.

Practical Benefits of a Daily Writing Habit

Keeping those writing muscles in shape

Most famous writers say that keeping up a daily habit is key to their success. Other people say that practice makes perfect. Whoever you talk to, the general consensus is that your writing ability is just like a muscle, and working your muscles on a regular basis is important to keeping them in shape. A daily writing habit is a really great way to do it. My habit is just to choose a direction, set a 15-minute timer, and go for it.

The end of writer’s block

Writer’s block is the absolute worst. I think everyone can agree on that. Something about just having a simple writing habit helps keep the writer’s block at bay though, at least for me. Especially by allowing myself freedom not to work on the same project for days on end and instead, jumping on whatever prompt or idea strikes my fancy helps keeps things interesting. Some days are harder than others, sure, but if the goal is just to get some words down on a page every day, keeping my options open on topics is the least I can do, right?

Endless source of inspiration

Not only does a daily writing habit help keep my notorious writer’s block from becoming a writing rut, but it also gives me an endless source of inspiration. Because I keep my goal as simple as putting words on the page, it means I have a huge stack of possibilities for bigger projects. The other day I read a prompt and got an idea for a character. In my 15-minute writing session, I wrote a detailed character sketch that could easily be the jumping-off point for a short story or even a novel. Not every day brings a fantastic bit of writing with it, but it definitely happens more often than it would have if I didn’t write at all.

Important for Everyone?

One of the less practical and more emotional benefits of my daily writing habit is that it fights back against imposter syndrome. I’m a freelancer and contract worker. Some days I don’t do an awful lot, if any, writing for work purposes. But when writing is always going to be included in my workdays, I can actually feel some pride and legitimacy in saying “I’m a writer!”

I write fiction every day because that’s what I’m passionate about. But writing in a journal, talking into a notes app, freewriting, doodling, and even singing, are all alternatives. It all boils down to making your daily habit into whatever you need it to be. And I think everyone should have something that they make into a daily habit.
My writing habit has quickly become a non-negotiable part of my day. One of these days I’ll write more about how I do it, but if you want to try it out, Self Publishing School has some great tips. I’m not going to sit here and say that 15 minutes a day will change your life, but it makes a big difference in mine.

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The Holidays are Coming…

Hello my darlings,

It’s been two months, almost to the day, since my last post. Life has been up and down in that time, with a lot of sideways thrown in for good measure. Right now it feels like the holiday season is barreling down at us with no sign of slowing down. Everyone told me that time goes by faster as you get older, but did you know they were right?! It’s terrifying. And the emotions and stress that come with the holidays don’t actually ease up either, so it becomes one stressful, scrambling race for time.

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Welcome Again

Hello lovely humans,

Blogging has been kind of hit or miss over the last… six? months. I’m unsure of a lot of things, but one thing that I know right now is that I am definitely not the same person (at least not on the inside) that I was a few years ago. Even one-year-ago me was different. In light of that, and also because I just rewrote my online bio things, I wanted to share a little about myself. So here are 25 things to know about Katharine.

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Friday’s Thoughts

Hello beautiful humans!

I should probably post more often again. It would help the things that I DO post to make more sense. Or at least it would help me with the problem I’m currently having where I sit down to write a post and then I feel the need to recap everything that has happened in the 2-3 weeks since my previous post, except that I really don’t feel like doing that because I could create a whole post about those happenings alone. SO instead, we’re gonna do two things. I’m gonna tell you a couple of random things about how my life is currently going (no context though) and then I’ve got a little store of thoughts in my head from therapy and just random internet searches that I wanna share. Here goes! Continue reading →

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Finding Direction

Hello beautiful humans,

I am acutely aware of my lack of posting as of late. My very legitimate excuse is that I just forgot. It’s been one of those seasons that seems super busy but if I sit down to write about it, there’s not much to write about. Let’s consider this my attempt to get some things out of my head and get excited about life again!

Parenting continues to be fun and also exasperating at the same time. Small Princess is strongly contesting the word “no” in as many different ways as she can, so I’m focusing a lot on just getting through this developmental period with as much of my sanity intact. I know that as long as I’m consistent and gentle and respectful that she’ll get through this too, but that doesn’t mean the days aren’t extreeeemly long sometimes. Continue reading →

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Thoughts and Ideas About 2021

Hello beautiful humans,

I’m ridiculously proud of myself for posting two weeks in a row, even if it took convincing the child that a nap was, in fact, needed to get the chance to sit down and write. Why do I feel like the bar is extremely low for me right now? Rhetorical question, please don’t answer that.

Anyhow, last week I rambled on about how life had been over the past few months or so, and mentioned that I wanted to talk a little about the things I wanted to do this year. So let’s talk about it! Continue reading →

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A Recap

Hello, my wonderful readers,
It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and although I’ve been too preoccupied to worry about it, I noticed as soon as I opened up my writing program that I had missed this. It’s therapeutic to write about things sometimes and since I’ve been too busy to really write at all, even in my journals, this is great.
The week before last, I was dealing with some major migraines that just would. not. leave. I hadn’t had that happen in quite a while, so I guess it was overdue. In reality, I need to see my chiropractor more often because chasing a toddler is more draining than you might think. Continue reading →

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Rise Above Difficulties

Hello, my beautiful dreamers,
I’ve been maintaining the status quo lately in my personal life… not pushing the envelope very much, even though there are things that need to be done. It’s been easier that way, not so stressful or overwhelming.
But the problem with the status quo is that it doesn’t go anywhere. It stays the same. And that makes me restless. So, a few days of this and I start to get antsy. I feel on edge. Continue reading →

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October At Last

Hello, beautiful darlings,
You have no idea how happy I am that its October. And that is for quite a few reasons.

First off, I just love October. It might be my favorite month of the year (not 100% sure, but pretty close) and I always look forward to it. It’s funny because first, I wanted our wedding to be in October. That didn’t work out, so then I wanted our baby to be born in October. That didn’t happen either, so now I’m just settled into having October as my month. Which is actually quite nice, now that I’m thinking about it. I don’t have to share it with anyone, I can enjoy the weather and the autumn joy without any expectations. Things always turn out just right, don’t they? Continue reading →

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Hello Again! A 2020 Life Update…

Hello, my darlings!

It’s been all of two weeks since the last time I posted, but in a lot of ways, it feels like much longer. Life has just been so hectic lately. I’ve got half a dozen drafts sitting in my writing program waiting to be finished, but since I’ve been doing more focused posts lately, I thought it would be good to just sit down and have a chat about how life has been going. I guess its not really a chat though if I’m the only one talking. Eh, whatever. Continue reading →

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