Thoughts for Autumn 2019

Hello, all you other autumn-loving folks!

We all know by now that fall is probably my favorite season of all. I enjoy the coziness of winter and I look forward to spring since it usually marks the end of my seasonal depression (SAD) but autumn is still, and always will be, my favorite season.


The weather is finally changing! Actually, as I write this we’re in the middle of a cold front with the temperatures down to the 50s and 60s during the day. We’ll have some good days in the 80s and 90s again before the month is over, but still, it’s a nice break from the 100 degree days! Considering I was dealing with those while being eight and nine months pregnant, I am absolutely LOVING this cooler weather. It is the best thing ever.

Since the weather has been cooler I’ve been able to break out my flannel shirts and soon enough I’ll get to unpack my sweaters. That excites me way too much probably but I don’t care because fall fashion is my favorite. I think I wrote about that last year actually.

I’m finally feeling ready to have a hot drink again, so far mostly just tea in the evenings, although I did have an internal debate in the drivethru the other day about whether to get my usual hot or iced. The iced coffee still won out that day but I would bet money on that being the last time for the year.

It’s hard to ramble about how I’m feeling because it’s not just the seasons that are changing – I’ve been in a huge shift personally lately as well… mentally, physically, and spiritually. All because I’m still adjusting to being a mom and figuring out what exactly that means and looks like for me.

But this time of year I always start feeling those homebody vibes. Wanting to be cozy and focusing more inwardly, both on my relationships and my own self. I start looking ahead to the holiday season, mentally feeling out possible Christmas presents and craving pumpkin pie. It’s already becoming the most wonderful time of the year for me!

The fall season of 2019 doesn’t really hold a lot of big projects for me. Starting our biggest adventure yet – the adventure of raising the Tiniest Princess – is top priority, of course. Beyond that nothing else feels super important yet.

I may or may not participate in Nanowrimo this November after all. It’s been something I planned to do all year, and really I’ll still be able to, time-wise at least. But so far I don’t really have any idea which project I want to work on. So it will probably come down to whether I come up with a good idea before November 1st or not. If I don’t, it’s not the end of the world. There’s always next year if this year doesn’t pan out.

Although, now that I’m writing this I did have an inkling of an idea that might work out. We shall see!

This isn’t so much an autumn project, but rather just an end of the year project… but I want to make a bigger effort not to be caught up in the consumerism of the holiday season today. I want to try to limit the amount of store bought gifts for Christmas and I don’t want to let myself buy into the stress of Black Friday shopping. It’s a bad habit of mine that I am trying to break. Living in a smaller space right now definitely is helping since I don’t have places to put new stuff!

Something I don’t really get into on this blog is my spiritual life (oddly enough, since I try to be so honest about my mental health journey) but this season of life is finding me in a state of rediscovery, of questioning a lot of things and making some choices about my inner self. I’ll get into this a little more in one of next week’s posts, but I’m allowing this to be a journey that I give a little more focus to this autumn season.

Do you love the fall season? What do you have planned for the next few weeks/months?

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Mindful Monday: Survive

Hello dear readers!

I’m actually back today with a semi-normal rendition of my Mindful Monday blog post series. I know, shocking! But trust me, no one is more surprised than I am.

Everything is starting to go much more smoothly at home. I think I’m slowly getting my brain back, everyone is kind of getting a little more sleep again, and we’re learning how to be a happy little family, whatever that means for us.


Appreciating the stillness sometimes is what we’re learning to do.

What’s been happening…

I have two more weeks of maternity leave and I’m feeling the time slipping through my fingers so I’m trying to soak up everything I can before I go back to work. Thankfully my mom is the one who will be taking care of the Tiny Princess so I don’t feel quite as much stress, but it’s still not easy. I’ll miss getting to snuggle with her while she wakes up from a nap and playing with her after she eats. It’s the little things and the sweet moments that make me love being a mom.

Very slowly, I’m starting to get back into a routine. We’re working on sleep training with the Tiny Princess and I have to make a big effort to get her eating full meals instead of snacking, plus I’m starting to pump to get ready for going back to work, so it’s not like I have loads of extra time on my hands. But I’m definitely trying to use her good naptimes and whenever The Husband isn’t at work to catch up on the housework and get things done on various projects. Life is starting to feel more “normal” again, even though that normal is insanely different from what it was a month ago.

I am also ridiculously happy that fall is finally here, even if I do live in the state of Texas, which apparently hasn’t gotten the memo. But I know the cooler temps and gorgeous days are on their way and it’s so exciting to me!! I love the fall season for so many reasons, and it thrills me that we’re so close.

What’s Coming Up…
  • Chiropractor appointment for the Tiny Princess.
  • Keep the floors swept.
  • Stay caught up on the laundry.
  • Keep all of us on a bedtime schedule – sleep is a priority!
  • Figure out daily routines to prepare for going back to work. Exciting.
  • Go to our local community theater’s next production one night.

What’s On My Mind…

My brain is constantly on a timer right now – how long since she last ate? how long since I last ate? How long was that nap? When did I put that laundry in the washer?

Since we’re sleeping training the baby, I’m also always analyzing how that process is going and making sure we’re on track. Not an easy task, for sure.

I’m also ridiculously excited about spending time with the ponies again. It’s one of my favorite things to do and I’ve been more or less banned from it for most of the year. I’m still not able to ride (thanks, childbirth!) but I can definitely start doing other things with the ponies and I fully intend to get to it.

What’s been going on with you? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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