2019 Goals: Q2 Update

Hello fantastic folks, who are totally winning on their 2019 goals!

I feel like it’s been forever since my quarter one review! The last three months have been absolutely packed full of things.

In April I wrote a lot about mental illness, both anxiety and depression, and then I got to announce that The Husband and I are expecting a little baby girl!

May didn’t have quite as many blog posts since we spent two weeks on vacation (which was awesome) but I did get a chance to write a cute fluffy post about my kitties as well as talk about my anxiety struggles and how hard it is to release control at times.

And June, which is over tomorrow sadly, brought a whole host of subjects! I offered up one of my depression coping mechanisms, I wrote about the changes I wish I was making, the ways we look at priorities, the dreams I have for my life, and a whole bunch of thoughts on becoming a mom. Plus, I finally sorted out my Mindful Monday layout!


Now, on to the 2019 goals!

Writing and Blogging Goals

  • Publish 6 blog posts per month.  April – 8, May – 5, June – 10. Woohoo!
  • Write up a recap of every time that I spend time with my horse. No horse time, so no recaps. Sadly.
  • Work towards possibly publishing my fiction project, Donovan’s QuestWell, I finally finished the story, so now I can finally move on to the editing process!
  • Win Nanowrimo and complete at least one of the Camp projects.  April didn’t go as planned, but July is shaping up nicely I hope.  
  • Start working on my writing with a freelance tone in mind. Definitely been working on this. Did you see my new website yet?!

Creative Pursuits

  • Write more letters and cards.  Ehhh, not really.
  • Read more regularly.  Slowly but surely getting more regular with this again.
  • Spend time with my horse more often.  Nope. Pregnancy trumps horseback riding.
  • Enjoy playing the piano again.  Yes!

Personal Goals

  • Practice believing that I truly am stronger than my depression/anxiety.  If you take into account the emotional rollercoaster that growing a baby is, then yes, I would say I’ve been doing a lot better!
  • Consistently take my vitamins and get out for light exercise.  Vitamins, yes. Exercise, not so much.
  • Cook at home more often, especially on weekends.  Yes!! And it even tastes good.
  • Practice my social skills.  Other than being tired all the time, I would say I’m getting better at being socially acceptable. Lol!
  • Work on my communication skills.  Definitely trying. Probably should ask The Husband how this is going though.

Life and Finance Goals

  • Keep my relationship the first priority.  Most definitely. I’m learning just how to do this, of course, but I feel like it’s going well.
  • Move out of the apartment.  I’m deep in the search for a new place. Moving in about two months!
  • Pay off my student loans and medical bills.  Finally starting to throw money at this again.
  • Save X amount of money for the emergencies/future.  Same as above.

Travel Goals

  • Road trip up to Kansas for a friend’s wedding.  Completed and had loads of fun!
  • Visit another country in the spring.  We weren’t able to leave the country, but we did take a big vacation and had a blast!
  • Take a weekend trip in the summer or fall.  I’m booking hotels as this goes live!

This past quarter was a lot of fun honestly. We were able to take a nice vacation, my energy levels were a lot higher, and the weather was great (up until the recent unending rain) so I was able to get outside more often.

The next three months are going to be a little more hectic. Not only am I now in my third trimester, the end of our lease is coming up, plus a whole list of other plans and events on our calendar. That means that by the time I write another quarter review, we should be living in a different house and trying to figure out life with the baby. That’s a little overwhelming to think about. Yikes.

But everything that’s coming up are things we’ve been looking forward to for what seems like forever. The film festival we’re going to in a few weeks is a really big deal for The Husband’s media work. I’m more than ready to enjoy what will probably be our last weekend away before the baby gets here. We’ve been wanting to get a house and get off the second floor for months already. And of course, Baby A herself is like a dream come true. So whatever happens in the next three months – it’s all good things!

Till next time!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Mindful Monday: Variables

Good afternoon, lovely beautiful magical people!

As you can see, I did finally decide what to do with the title thing. I’m going to just go with descriptive words instead of numbers because to me it’s more fun. And I get to do what I want, right? Of course, right. Now I’m working out the actual categories and points of interest that I’m going to write about each week. A work in progress, as always! But I hope to have a reasonably reliable format by the end of the year.

Last Week’s Goals

I’m just going to start right off with crossing things off a list. At least that part is easy.

  • Win NaNoWriMo
  • Do more research for next year’s projects
  • Be more careful about my spending money
  • Start a diet to help with my stomach problems
  • Visit my horse twice
  • Keep up with my meditation habit
  • Finish Christmas decorating


Highlights from Last Week

Winning NaNoWriMo felt awesome, but what was even more awesome was the fact that I actually reached the end of my story. There are bits and pieces missing throughout it, but I have a beginning and an end and a very good portion of the middle. Overall, it’s a first draft that I am 100% satisfied with and that is all that matters. I’m not sure at this point whether I’ll go back anytime soon and rework it – I have too many other projects that I’m far more interested in right now, but maybe eventually!

A lot of the other things in my life fell by the wayside especially as the week went on, just because I was so focused on getting my word count up, but we still got a few things done. I enjoyed spending several hours at my parents’ farm on Saturday, not just working with my own horse but my mom’s two horses as well. Fresh air is just so very good for my mind.

Sunday we went to a local high school theatre production, which I really really enjoyed! That and the little bit of shopping that I did over the weekend were my favorite relaxing things that happened.

I got my final results back from the doctor and everything looks good or came back negative, so now it’s really up to me to watch my diet and be a bit more active so that I can really start feeling better. It sounds so easy, but we all know that it really isn’t. I’m just really grateful for good test results right now though.

What am I Reading and Watching?

I still haven’t started reading much of anything yet, but hopefully I pick something up this week. I don’t really have my eye on anything though except the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel that I mentioned two weeks ago in my first edition of this weekly post.

We watched the Netflix original movie called The Christmas Prince, and its sequel which just came out this past week. They were very much the standard Hallmark style Christmas movie, but they were very well done and gave me all the warm and cozy holiday feelings that I wanted. Totally worth it.

We’ll probably continue this habit of watching Christmas movies up until the actual holiday. I think we are trying to find one or two that we end up watching every year as a couple/family, but that means watching as many as possible so that we can find those chosen ones.

Goals and Plans for the Next Week

  • Christmas shopping
  • Insurance shopping
  • Visit my horse two separate times
  • Work on the writing and blogging ideas that I have lined up for 2019
  • Finish up the next segment of one of the online courses I’m working through.
  • Start working on a mantra or focused statement that I can use to keep myself grounded – more on this in a later post, I think.
  • Watch my caffeine and sugar intake.
  • Do something active every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes

I’m trying to work on my communication skills within my marriage, and the main difficulty with that is rooted in my thought patterns because of my mental issues. I’m also attempting to make some headway with my social anxiety, but both of these problems are difficult to shape into actionable steps or specific goals, so it’s hard to add them to my list.

I’ve agreed to help musically with a Christmas production that performs next week, so I’ll need to get myself to a couple of rehearsals between now and then. I also have a piano student that needs a lesson, and my work Christmas party this week. So it’s not the quietest week at our house, but it should be alright anyways.

What do you have planned for the first week of December?

Love and kindness,

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