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Mindful Monday: Push

Hello gorgeous folks! It’s a Monday again!

My weekend ran away with me and I can’t say I’m super thrilled about it being Monday again. I just wanted to stay in bed this morning and sleep all day. But I still have a job – which I actually really like! – that wants me there on time every day, so I couldn’t be that lazy. So far, work has been straightforward and nothing has gone wrong, so it can only get better, right? Hopefully your Monday has been a bit more positive than mine!

Over the last week/ten days, it’s just been like an emotional rollercoaster in my head, and not the nice, easy kind. It’s kind of obvious that it’s a pregnancy hormone thing, but still it makes my day more than a bit annoying at times. Yesterday I got woken up very suddenly from a nap and it made me extremely grumpy and snippy, something that really doesn’t happen very often for me. During the middle of last week I also had a depressive episode, but it was shorter than most of mine and only lasted for about two days before I was back to normal. And from everything so far today it feels like I might have another one coming on. Without any obvious triggers, I’m just going to go ahead and blame it all on hormones for right now. My poor husband though – I feel really bad for him.

This Week..

  • I’m finally seeing my chiropractor again!
  • An actual grocery shopping trip.
  • Writing more consistently, especially on my Nano project.
  • Several subjects that I need to do more research on.
  • Do something else in the evenings besides playing games on my phone or watching tv. It’s a bad habit, especially when I’m already feeling emotional.

What I’m Reading…

Even though I started this book quite a while ago, I’m only now picking it back up to read. Dean Koontz is one of my favorite, more modern authors, and I just adore his writing style. I very quickly got sucked back into the story and I’m really excited to find out how the story ends!

Parenting might not be a subject I write about on this blog, but now that I’m going to be actually doing it myself in several months, I find different philosophies rather interesting. I read this blog post today and found it very insightful. I might be a ways off from the toddler stage, but having good solid ideas in mind from the very start is, at least in my opinion, a much better place to be.

Although I doubt I’ll ever be able to get myself all the way over to the extreme side of it, I do love me some hard-core minimalism. And when this post from Happy Grey Lucky popped up on my blog reader this morning, it inspired probably a bazillion new home décor ideas in my head. Even though I would love to see something on the wall above the bed (something super simple like maybe an abstract or simplistic piece of art, particularly if it was nature-inspired), I love love LOVE the way the author used that books display shelf to add some color to the room. Between that and the natural light – I could fall asleep in this room in a heartbeat!

What are you up to this week?!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie


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