A Fairy Tale Kind of Day

A Fairy Tale Kind of Day

Hello beautiful magical beings! Today, instead of rambling and being a little depressed… I’m going to talk about my wedding!

We’re getting close to two months now, and in some ways it feels like it was yesterday. But then sometimes I feel like we’ve been married forever. It’s been an adventure and a rollercoaster, and it’s also been really really freeing and calming.

But that’s about the marriage part… I was going to talk about the actual wedding.



The planning stressed me out WAY too much. But honestly that was mainly my fault because I allowed myself to be stressed out. But I will say that gathering together as many people who were willing to help and had a lot of natural creativity was the best thing ever. I was able to sort of spit out my ideas and have someone else run with it and come up with something amazing that I loved and was better than I could have ever dreamed up on my own.


I always wanted an outdoor wedding, unless I somehow got lucky enough to get some kind of super cool castle or Elizabethan style hall. But living in this part of Texas, that wasn’t going to happen, so we went with a beautiful lake just outside of town. We were extremely blessed because we planned an outdoor wedding in the middle of August… but somehow it kept raining during the two months beforehand so that everything was green and gorgeous and the weather that day was amazing, only a little uncomfortably warm, instead of dying of heatstroke, which is what we were all worried about. We had a beautiful backdrop with the lake behind us and trees around. Very lovely.

Our reception was held at a local downtown venue that has a slightly modern or industrial look to it. It is a beautiful place on its own, but it also adapts very well to almost any type of décor, which is why I loved it. There were two levels to it so that we had the lower floor for the dinner reception and the upper floor for cake and dancing. It was barely too small for the amount of people that we had, but I absolutely loved it.



Theme & Colors

One of the first things I decided on were my colors. I wanted deep blue and maroon red. What we wanted to do as far as a theme goes took a bit longer to decide on. I wanted vintage and Victorian and fairy tale and garden party and Beauty and the Beast and everything in between. In the end we decided to do the Beauty and the Beast thing with a touch of everything else. I like to think that it turned out very elegant and timeless, which is what I really wanted.


Wedding Dress

Oh my goodness, I love my dress! I went to several bridal shops to figure out what I really wanted and ended up finding the perfect dress at a consignment shop. It even fit me almost perfectly right off the rack, just needing a bit of hemming. It was a few years/styles back but it was super well made and the beading on it is perfection. I really also loved the train. I originally thought I wanted a ballgown type, tulle skirt, lace top, etc for my wedding dress… but I kept trying them on and not feeling so great about them. This one was amazing and it made me feel like an absolute princess.

My shoes were also one of my favorite things… I actually bought a pair of simple black character shoes that I already knew I loved and dolled them up with a LOT of blue glitter. They were fabulous and super comfortable to wear for the entire evening, which of course made it better because I was able to dance a lot!



We had a salad and mashed potato bar – and there were multiple people who said that they had been skeptical but ended up loving it! It was really cheap to do and very tasty. My mom was awesome and got the whole thing set up, so we didn’t have to pay any caterers or anything like that. And for our cake we also kept it super simple – we picked out a cake topper that we loved and went with red roses for the rest of the cake decorations. And, to go along with the food, we had real dishes and silverware because that was something that I really wanted to have. To me, it automatically adds an extra level of ‘fancy’ to an event when there are real dishes.


Decor and Flowers

This is the part that my awesome coordinator/second mom took over on and I had very little to do with, actually. I was mainly involved with the flowers actually – my bouquet turned out amazing and we did a hoop idea for the bridesmaid’s flowers. There were a lot of roses and greenery involved, in keeping with the themes. My mom made a gorgeous macrame hanging that we had for the ceremony and then moved to the reception site for photos. After deciding to do hoops for the bridesmaids, we added a few more in various spots. We also themed each table for one of our interests or hobbies, like Doctor Who, music, theater, film, literature, and so forth. My favorite part about all the decor was the fact that it was completely not what most people are doing in this area right now. I loved every piece of it.


I keep falling more in love with J every single day and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s going to be just as amazing as our wedding day was.

Love, happiness, and all the joy in the world!

Katharine Marie

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