Welcome Again

Hello lovely humans,

Blogging has been kind of hit or miss over the last… six? months. I’m unsure of a lot of things, but one thing that I know right now is that I am definitely not the same person (at least not on the inside) that I was a few years ago. Even one-year-ago me was different. In light of that, and also because I just rewrote my online bio things, I wanted to share a little about myself. So here are 25 things to know about Katharine.

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and miles to go before I sleep

Hello beautiful wonderful readers!

So an odd fact about me is that my social media feeds tend to be completely different depending on the platform… my Facebook page is full of actual friends, people I know, etc, etc. My Instagram page is specially curated to only show me beautiful horses, lovely spiritual routines, inspiring birth stories, and a few other topics or celebrities that I enjoy seeing. No surprise, I scroll through Facebook periodically to see what’s going on with people I know, but I spend 98% of my time on Instagram because I can come away feeling inspired, empowered, and happy. Nobody is fighting about wearing masks or their politics on my Instagram feed and I LOVE it.

But the reason I mention my social media feeds is that I follow quite a few travel bloggers. I adore traveling and don’t get to do it as often as I would like, so I tend to live vicariously through others (particularly right now with a small child). And at the moment, with all the restrictions and shelter-in-place stuff, basically nobody else is traveling either. This means that my lovely Instagram feed is lacking in the department of beautiful travel photos. It’s a tragedy.


Exploring a castle in the middle of Germany, back in 2015.

So to satisfy my wanderlust, I’ve been daydreaming about vacations and getaways and traveling. Originally I had planned to take a nice vacation sometime this year, and then COVID happened, so I thought, maybe we just have a weekend getaway later in the fall. But Texas is still being stupid and we’re still avoiding people as much as possible, so it has been agreed that all traveling is off the table until next year.


The Flam Valley – Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons/Andrew Bowden

I would love to spend a week relaxing in the Flam Valley in Norway, admiring the mountains and walking along the river. Just enjoying the peaceful nature of a small village and the beautiful views of the country. Norway is definitely pretty high on our list of countries to visit in the future.

Okay, I just love waterfalls. And I’ve never been lucky enough to see any big ones in real life. I keep looking at photos of the ones in Croatia and I’m a little obsessed. Seriously, how gorgeous are these things? And they just happen naturally?! Swoon.


We were originally supposed to go visit the Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia last year, but I ended up having some issues with my citizenship and had to cancel the trip (booo) but I’m still holding out for that trip to happen soon. The red dirt cliffs, the lighthouses, etc. I want to bike around the island and just enjoy the scenery.

This photo is of Iceland, but honestly, I think anywhere I could see the Northern Lights would be awesome. I don’t necessarily like the cold all that much, but I’ll buy a parka or something and be okay, right? Alaska, Iceland, whatever. Just somewhere I can see the beautiful sights of the northern part of the globe and experience those beautiful fantastical lights!

Where do you want to travel to as soon as travel restrictions are lifted?!

Love, light, and kindness,


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10 Years

Hello beautiful dreamers!

I talk a lot about goals and looking forward and trying to focus on the present and all sorts of stuff like that. Usually I try not to look way too far into the future since it kind of stresses me out, but today I’m breaking my own rule because I want to dream a little.

Today I’m playing a little game I like to call: What will my life look like in 10 years?


I’m really not trying to plan out my life goals for the next ten years. This is just an idea if I pictured what could be possible. I know better than anyone that things don’t go according to plan, but hey, a girl can dream a little, right?

In Ten Years…

We will have a ten year old daughter (sounds crazy now!) and another child as well.

We will have that lovely little place, just a little ways outside of town that’s quiet and convenient and perfect.

I’ll have two reliable riding horses that I can jump, event, or endurance race with.

I’ll be able to work at home doing the writing and editing jobs that I love.

I will finally have my anxiety and depression consistently managed – mentally stability for the win!

I’ll actually have a completed college degree!

The financial security and independence we’re working towards right now will actually be a wonderful reality.

I will be enjoying homeschooling those previously mentioned children and having great adventures doing so.

I hope I’ll still be blogging, if the world hasn’t changed too drastically by that point. Maybe I’ll even still be at this same web address!

And finally, I will have some real finished projects – books, artwork, whatever. Just less half-finished or barely started projects laying around. Ha!

Ten years is a long time, when you think about it. Ten years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me and I had very little idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a rough journey at times to get to where I am today but my heart is more full than I ever thought possible. Ten years from now, I can only imagine it being even more wonderful.

What do you wish for your life in ten years?

Love, light, and a multitude of kindness,


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Manifest Those Dreams

Hello you wonderful readers!

I’ve written a few posts recently about the things that I wish were different about myself, the beautiful parts of my life, and then an alternative perspective on priorities. It’s been an interesting set of posts so far, and today I wanted to wrap it up a little by writing about the things I want in life. I want to work towards manifesting my dreams and making them a reality.


Even though I have so much in my life that is amazing and beautiful right now, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking ahead to the future. After all, we’re getting ready to move in the next two months and we’re having a baby in three months, so it’s not like our life is going to stay the same for any stretch of time at all.

Some people differ on the subject, but I definitely believe in the idea that stating your dreams and truly believing in them is a strong way to make them actually happen. It’s not a matter of just saying “this is what I want” but rather of stating “this is a real thing that is going to happen in my future.” It frames the idea differently in your head.

So, with that little rant in mind, I’m going to lay out some of the dreams I have for my life.

I’m going to continue putting my entire heart and soul into my relationship so that we remain just as happy – or more so! – than we already are. This also means continuing to do the work needed to keep our home life as safe and stable as possible, particularly now that we’re starting our family!

I’m going to complete my bachelor’s degree, most likely in English, which will be a great addition to my resume, especially now that I’m starting to make my writing into a side business. This side business is going to become my main job in the near-ish future and we intend to seek out a consistent amount of work with filmmaking and writing so that we can spend more time with our family doing what we love.

Something I’ve always dreamt of and is slowly getting within reach is having a farm. And I fully intend for us to have our own place within the next couple of years – a place where I can keep my horses in my backyard. Where I can have a lovely garden that supplies most if not all of our vegetable needs. Where I can raise a cow and maybe a few sheep and a little flock of chickens. A safe haven for all the country things I’ve always wanted.

Speaking of which, once I am permitted to get back on a horse again, I am going to start riding regularly again (that was the plan for this year until I got pregnant!) and there are already a few endurance rides that I have my eye on for next year – it makes me WAY too excited just thinking about it!

I have several different ideas on how to handle my mental health issues that I intend to put into action at some point this year so that I can finally become a bit more consistent about… well… life in general, I guess!

We are going to have a beautiful little baby and we are going to love her so much it might just kill us both!

What dreams are you going to manifest today?

Next week we’re going to switch gears entirely and look at a bunch of different things, mostly to do with the life of a writer! Stay tuned!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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