Welcome Again

Hello lovely humans,

Blogging has been kind of hit or miss over the last… six? months. I’m unsure of a lot of things, but one thing that I know right now is that I am definitely not the same person (at least not on the inside) that I was a few years ago. Even one-year-ago me was different. In light of that, and also because I just rewrote my online bio things, I wanted to share a little about myself. So here are 25 things to know about Katharine.

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An Updated Introduction

Hello, wonderful dreamers!

Around the end of 2019 I was scrolling through all the posts I’ve done since starting Elemental Dreamer and it caught my attention that I never did an introductory post when I first started blogging on this particular site. Maybe it didn’t seem necessary since I had been blogging on various platforms for several years, but now I have a bit of a different focus and more than a few new readers, so a fresh introduction was overdue.

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My name is Katharine Marie. I am a very introverted, easily distracted writer in her mid-twenties who loves to dream about so many alternate realities that I end up confused most of the time.

I grew up as the horse-crazy girl who could play piano. The horse thing never faded and the piano is something I pursued for a while at university before I finally recognized that it wasn’t something I wanted to do full time. I still play, but not as professionally as I once did and I’m okay with that.

After realizing that I wasn’t going to pursue a musical career, it took some time to find my footing again. In 2018 I married the love of my life and in 2019 we added a beautiful daughter to our family. My world was completely turned upside down in those two years but it was the best thing I could have ever gotten myself into and I love the life I made for myself.

Struggling with anxiety and depression is a defining characteristic of my life; both illnesses are something I work very hard to keep under control. Learning to deal with it though has created a passion for mental health awareness that tends to come out a lot in my blog posts and social media accounts.

Ever since I was nine years old, I have used words to help me handle the world around me. I filled piles of notebooks with fanfiction, fantasy tales, alternate realities, and extravagant plans for all the things I wanted to do and experience. When I first started blogging, I think I was fifteen or sixteen years old and I was solely writing about my equestrian adventures. Once I became more involved in my college classes, my focus diverted to general life rambling. One of my still-standing blogs is L’Art Classique, which I started after moving off to university and updated quite consistently until I stopped attending there. I’m actually quite proud of that blog and I’m in the process of rewriting some of those posts to share on this platform.

Aside from my online presence, I tend to be fairly down to earth, even if I suck at small talk and I’m afraid of most people (again, introverted!). I like to drink my coffee in the mornings while I check my horoscope and read a few Scripture passages. I definitely value my sleep a lot more now as a new mom. I’ve also recently started playing around with writing screenplays since my husband is a film-maker and we love to work on projects together. I try to be social sometimes but it’s just not something I’m good at and will probably forever struggle with. I still love spending time with my horses or cuddling my cats or watching the moon whenever I get the chance.

2020 is going to be a pretty interesting year for me. I’ve been in banking for about two years now and I really enjoy the work, but a week from today will be my last day at my job. I am so very very blessed to have the opportunity to stay at home with my daughter and pursue some of my home business ideas as well as start a path towards finishing my college degree. It’s going to be a year of change and I’m so very excited to see how it unfolds. I know blogging is going to continue to be a great way for me to keep my thoughts straight as I adjust to a new set of habits and routines.

My life is so vastly different from what I expected it to become but my heart is much more full and I laugh so much more now. I look forward to writing many more posts about the journey of mental health and the adventures of life.

Love, light, and unending kindness,


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