Marriage after Children

Hi beautiful people!

Major apologies for not getting this up on Friday – I got online to post and discovered my website was down. So I ended up spending so much time fixing it that putting up a blog post seemed pointless afterward.

So… I am no relationship expert. Not by any means whatsoever. I just figure it out as I go along. And, like most things in life, I tend to try and stick to just a handful of basic rules while I do it. One of those rules that I knew I needed to keep in mind, way before the Tiny Princess came along, was always put your marriage relationship first.
It might be a little harsh when I put it like that, but I know myself and I know that when life gets crazy, my priorities tend to get a little out of whack. So step one: know yourself, I guess? Easier said than done, right?

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Marriage and Communication

Hi, my beautiful folks! I hope this week is treating you well so far!

At this moment, two years ago, I was preparing to say “I do” to the person that still means more to me than anyone else in the world. For once in my life, I wasn’t nervous, which says a lot, because I overthink and question every single decision I make in my life. I’ve never questioned that decision though. My marriage is absolutely the best part of my life and I am happier than I ever thought possible.
But I’m not going to wax poetic about love and romance and all that. I’ve already written about the wedding before, and also about how amazing The Best Husband is on our first anniversary. I’m taking a different approach today and looking at what affects relationships and how they can all be different but still wonderful.

Peach Flower Traditional Love Quote Facebook Post

Every single person is different, so every single marriage is going to look a little different from the next. It would be impossible to expect all relationships to work the same way because there are so many factors that play into it.

Mental Health’s Role

One thing I struggle with is my mental health and of COURSE, it has an effect on my marriage because how could it not? Mental health plays a role in all sorts of relationships in my life, especially friends and family members, and none more so than the relationship I have with my husband. He knows me the best and I talk to him more than anyone else, so he’s most familiar with what I deal with. It’s hard on him sometimes and it can make things difficult, certainly. Not everyone’s relationship is like ours – not everyone knows for sure that their significant other truly has their back all the time. It’s a whole lot easier for me, just knowing that he supports me 100% and will hold my hand every step of the way. That in itself is a lifesaver.

Find Balance Together

I know that he’s there for me, no matter what, but sometimes it’s hard to balance my own health against such an important relationship. It’s a personal struggle that I have because I always feel guilty and think I’m being a burden/too demanding/needy/etc. I’ve been able to overcome a lot of those feelings, but it has been hard. I have very particular needs on my bad days and sometimes trying to get those needs met doesn’t go so well because… communication? I think. Still figuring that out. Basically, I’m working on being able to communicate my needs better without dumping all my crap onto my poor husband and overloading him because hello? He’s got things he needs to and I have a tendency to forget that. I really don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into when he married me. Sorry, love.
I really do have the right intentions at heart, and so does he, but finding that balance where we both feel heard and understood is difficult at times, as I think it is for all couples. We’ve gotten so much better, especially since COVID hit and we were forced to spend even more time together than we used to. Haha.

Check In Often

As I mentioned, communication is key. It will almost always be the key, regardless of the issue. Too many times, we forget to check in to make sure the other person is doing okay. Assuming that someone is doing fine because they haven’t said otherwise is likely to get you in trouble. I’ve been on both ends of that and neither one is fun. There are times that life is too busy and too hectic to really have long, insightful conversations, yes. I’ve been there, but I strongly believe that if you’re too busy to check in on the relationship regularly (daily, in my opinion) for even just a few minutes then you’re too busy. Making the effort to keep the other person “in the loop” about how you’re feeling and doing is vital to staying connected to each other. Without communication, we lose connection, people don’t feel loved and relationships deteriorate.
For me personally, since I stay home all day, it’s easy to get caught up in my own projects and then somehow “not get around” to telling the Best Husband Ever about what’s going on or how I’ve been feeling. It has the double effect of making him feel like he’s not an involved part of our home life and making me feel like I have to take care of everything. The longer we go on like that, the worse it gets. But even if its a day that he gets home extra late, but we still find time to talk about what happened and how we’re doing before going to bed? That’s still a good day and we go to sleep feeling that connection.
This post is getting a bit long already, whoops. Most of what I’m said so far sounds like basic relationship stuff, but making connections is even more important when dealing with mental illness. In my experience, both anxiety and depression have a really frustrating effect of making me pull away from people, especially important people who are good support in the tough times. Maintaining and making effort in those relationships when times are NOT so hard is vital for me because it creates better habits for when things do get rough.
Have you checked in with someone today? Just to see how they’re doing? Or maybe you feel the need to check in with someone else, just so you don’t feel alone – that’s good too, do that!

Love, light, and kindness, always,

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10 Things I Love About My Husband

Dear beautiful readers!

It’s Friday again, although when everyone is home and each day looks the same, Fridays aren’t quite as exciting. Ah well. Maybe being happy about Friday will make us all a little more energetic. Social distancing is getting to us a little, I think.

This Sunday is The Husband’s birthday, and I can’t throw him a huge birthday party (just like I know he reallllyyyy wants) because, again, social distancing. So I’m making him a cake and whatever else he wants this weekend and if this chaos ever ends, we can have a birthday party later. But today, I wanted to take a break from… everything else… and just talk about him for a minute because he is just the greatest guy in the world. So I came up with 10 things that I love about my favorite human.


Photo credit: Sierra Herndon

  1.  He really is the best daddy. Not that I didn’t know it before, but seeing him with the Tiny Princess now makes me 100% sure I picked the right guy.
  2.  He works super hard to make sure we are all well taken care of. I know that it’s frustrating for him not to be able to work right now, but staying home right now is the right choice.
  3.  He never ever gets home from anywhere (or comes in from another room) and doesn’t immediately want a hug and a kiss. It’s sweet and just a little bit romantic.
  4.  This guy is not afraid to clean the house. Since I am the stay at home parent, I try to get everything done around the house, but a 6 month old is a handful to take care of and the housework is rarely caught up. The only thing he expects me to do is keep the Princess healthy and happy, the rest we can figure out together.
  5.  His creativity is really really cool. I love watching him work out a movie idea or collaborating on a project together because he’s so full of ideas and passion for the films he makes.
  6.  Just like it should be in every marriage, we support each other, and having his unwavering support means so very much to me, I can’t even describe it. He’s always pushing me to write more and keep up with this blog and go ride my horse. He encouraged me to go back to school and believes in me so much more than I could ever believe in myself.
  7.  Nobody knows how to make me laugh more than he does. It’s hard not to love someone who you can always have fun with, and he is so much fun to be with.
  8.  Even if he doesn’t always understand it, he’ll always back me up when it comes to my mental health – whether it’s a situation I don’t handle well, or just understanding my need to recharge, or whatever, I know he’s got my back for whatever I need.
  9.  He is so incredibly self-sacrificing. This one is tricky since he also annoys me to death by being this way, but when it comes right down to it, I wouldn’t change it. He just ends up making me feel like an incredibly selfish person, hahahaha…..
  10.  Being with him has taught me a lot about myself, about what I want in life, and who I want to be. It’s such an adventure to figure out where life is going to take us and I’m so glad he’s my partner in crime!

I love you, Juan! Never change – here’s to many, many more years together!

Love, light, and kindness,


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10 Years

Hello beautiful dreamers!

I talk a lot about goals and looking forward and trying to focus on the present and all sorts of stuff like that. Usually I try not to look way too far into the future since it kind of stresses me out, but today I’m breaking my own rule because I want to dream a little.

Today I’m playing a little game I like to call: What will my life look like in 10 years?


I’m really not trying to plan out my life goals for the next ten years. This is just an idea if I pictured what could be possible. I know better than anyone that things don’t go according to plan, but hey, a girl can dream a little, right?

In Ten Years…

We will have a ten year old daughter (sounds crazy now!) and another child as well.

We will have that lovely little place, just a little ways outside of town that’s quiet and convenient and perfect.

I’ll have two reliable riding horses that I can jump, event, or endurance race with.

I’ll be able to work at home doing the writing and editing jobs that I love.

I will finally have my anxiety and depression consistently managed – mentally stability for the win!

I’ll actually have a completed college degree!

The financial security and independence we’re working towards right now will actually be a wonderful reality.

I will be enjoying homeschooling those previously mentioned children and having great adventures doing so.

I hope I’ll still be blogging, if the world hasn’t changed too drastically by that point. Maybe I’ll even still be at this same web address!

And finally, I will have some real finished projects – books, artwork, whatever. Just less half-finished or barely started projects laying around. Ha!

Ten years is a long time, when you think about it. Ten years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me and I had very little idea what I wanted to do with my life. It was a rough journey at times to get to where I am today but my heart is more full than I ever thought possible. Ten years from now, I can only imagine it being even more wonderful.

What do you wish for your life in ten years?

Love, light, and a multitude of kindness,


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One Year On

Hi there, lovely readers!

I’m making an exception today and writing about someone else – I try to protect the people in my life by using very few pictures or details about them.

But Sunday is my wedding anniversary and I can’t let it go by without saying at least a few things about this past year and my husband, who has turned out to be quite fantastic, if I’m allowed to brag just a little bit.

This time last year I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had so many fears and doubts and I was still absolutely terrified of the idea of a life-long commitment. As someone who has anxiety about so many things, it was easy to get caught up in the aspect of just how huge this promise was that I was making to someone else.

But even though I was (and still kind of am) a little phobic about commitment, it never occurred to me not to go through with marrying Juan. Everything I was scared of held absolutely no significance compared to how much I wanted him in my life. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was my person and he always would be.


He’s quite handsome too. That helped a lot.

That day, a year ago, was the best day of my life. Over the last year I’ve become a lot less terrified, probably because once I went through with it, there was no longer any choice to be anxious about. I might worry that I’m messing things up or not fulfilling my side of the relationship, but I’m not worried about whether or not I made the right choice. I am still 100% certain about that fact.

Learning how to live and communicate with someone else has been a huge learning curve – and don’t think I’m anywhere near figuring it out. I had a roommate before we got married but that was entirely different of course. I didn’t have to think about how messy her side of the closet was or whether she was going to expect me to cook dinner when I got off work. Quite a different arrangement with a husband that you can’t exactly get away from!

Since I’m not a great communicator to begin with, it’s taken me a long while to learn how to handle some things. I avoid conflict like the plague normally, but when avoiding isn’t exactly an option? I might have had more than a few irrational moods and emotional meltdowns. Not great, I know.

I should probably actually check in with Juan on this point, but I would like to say that I’ve been able to relax and ease up a little bit and I don’t cause arguments quite as often as I did at one time. But I also know I still have a LOT to work on, don’t worry!

Those are more of the negative things though and really, this past year has been fabulous in so many ways. It still amazes me just how well we get along and are able to work together. Sometimes it seems like we’re the same person, but with just enough differences so that we don’t bore each other.


Still sweeping me off my feet, every day!

I love to write, while he loves to create films, and we’re able to bounce story ideas off each other ridiculously well, which is awesome. I so enjoy being able to do that.

For whatever reason, despite the fact that he doesn’t really like horses, he still encourages me to enjoy that hobby as much as I can – or he will again once I’m no longer pregnant!

He’s always pushing me to be amazing and strong, and trust me, sometimes I want to knock him over the head for it because geez, just let me be pathetic and miserable for once, right? Seriously though, he is very good for me and I don’t think it’s bragging to say that I’ve become a slightly better version of myself over the last year because of him.


No words, just permanent dance partners!

All of this is to say that I am incredibly happy to be married to this man and I wouldn’t trade a single day. He’s the best friend and partner I could have asked for. I can’t wait to see where life takes us.

I love you, Juan! Here’s to the rest of our lives!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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8 New Blogs to Follow

Hello lovely folks who are somehow still reading my little blog!

In order to write well you must expose yourself to all sorts of writing – which means a whole lot of reading. And since I write blog posts, it’s a good idea to read a variety of different blogs. My blog reader has approximately 150 sites on it and I log in every morning to anywhere from 5-25 new posts.

Eventually I get around to reading them all, but there are always the select group of authors that I click on as soon as they pop up. It’s not even their content, exactly, but rather the way they tell their stories that make me jump on their new posts so quickly.


So today I’m going to share some of those sites with you all! These are a few of my favorite blogs to read and I hope you’ll maybe find some new reading material. These are a mix of information blogs, personal ones, and lifestyle blogs. Some are about horses, some about minimalism, and some are just completely different.

Reading My Tea Leaves

Slow, simple, sustainable living – that’s the description of Erin Boyle’s blog. Her “Week in Objects” series is probably one of my favorites with it’s unique photographs accompanied by very few words. She is a staunch feminist and I can’t say I agree with all of her views all of the time, but I really love the quietness that emanates from her words. That and the fact that her and her husband live with two children in an apartment of only a few hundred square feet? Highly impressive.

The $900 Facebook Pony

This is definitely a horse blog that I am obsessed with for many reasons. Firstly, she competes in eventing (the horse sport I would love to do) on a little bay horse (I have a little bay horse!). Secondly, she’s based out of Texas, so I can relate to so much about the horse lifestyle. And of course, she has a great way of telling the stories of her adventures with both her competition horse and the youngster she’s bringing up too. Basically, Amanda is who I want to be when I grow up!

The Londoner

I’ll be honest – my obsession with Rosie’s blog started with her pictures. So. Pretty. So I stumbled across the pictures and stayed for the adorable travel stories and the lovely style tips. To be fair, I also enjoy her baby tales as a natural-minded mama. Plus London! I mean, there’s a little something for everyone here!

Elna Cain

Alright… so this isn’t a personal blog so much as a wealth of information about writing, freelancing, business tips, and so much more. A literal treasure trove of advice, all coming from someone who knows how to explain it in such a straightforward, honest, and REAL way. I actually feel like she understands what it’s like to be in my shoes when I read her posts and THAT is why I keep coming back.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Switching gears completely here, this blog is aimed directly at Christian women looking for answers to their questions about marriage. I’ll warn you now, the subject matter is often quite explicit or graphic, but the advice and ideas are amazing. As someone who has struggled with putting spiritual faith and relationships in the same room, this entire website really helped me out. Sheila has a fabulous view of marriage as an equal team effort that really satisfies that little feminist side of me without negating anything else I believe.

The Bloggess

Bizarre thoughts from author Jenny Lawson – definitely bizarre and sometimes incredibly disturbing. No, this blog is definitely not clean language-wise but yes, it is absolutely flipping hilarious. Jenny has a thing for taxidermied animals and a relatable struggle with mental illness. I can only read a handful of her posts at a time because I will die of laughter otherwise – the dark humor and raw stories are very addicting though.

The Baker’s Help Meet

Okay, maybe there’s a little bit of bias that makes me click on this one so fast, but its definitely warranted. This blog is written by one of my dear friends and details her life as a young wife and mother on a family ranch. She talks about the various adventures they get into as well as the mental and spiritual journeys that happen along the way, plus a healthy dose of the same horse-related-insanity that I am afflicted with.

A Collection of Madcap Escapades

Yes, another horse-related blog. But seriously, the storytelling on this one is probably my absolute favorite. Dom is a horse trainer first and has some great client adventures that are always great to read, but she also rides endurance (my other favorite horse sport) and I might be a little obsessed with the stories she tells about her rides. They always keep me entertained and intrigued and I always finish one of her blog posts with an intense urge to go jump on my own horse and get to work!

Hopefully you found at least one new blog to read in that list, so now it’s your turn!

What are your favorite blogs and why? I need more reading material!


Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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Manifest Those Dreams

Hello you wonderful readers!

I’ve written a few posts recently about the things that I wish were different about myself, the beautiful parts of my life, and then an alternative perspective on priorities. It’s been an interesting set of posts so far, and today I wanted to wrap it up a little by writing about the things I want in life. I want to work towards manifesting my dreams and making them a reality.


Even though I have so much in my life that is amazing and beautiful right now, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking ahead to the future. After all, we’re getting ready to move in the next two months and we’re having a baby in three months, so it’s not like our life is going to stay the same for any stretch of time at all.

Some people differ on the subject, but I definitely believe in the idea that stating your dreams and truly believing in them is a strong way to make them actually happen. It’s not a matter of just saying “this is what I want” but rather of stating “this is a real thing that is going to happen in my future.” It frames the idea differently in your head.

So, with that little rant in mind, I’m going to lay out some of the dreams I have for my life.

I’m going to continue putting my entire heart and soul into my relationship so that we remain just as happy – or more so! – than we already are. This also means continuing to do the work needed to keep our home life as safe and stable as possible, particularly now that we’re starting our family!

I’m going to complete my bachelor’s degree, most likely in English, which will be a great addition to my resume, especially now that I’m starting to make my writing into a side business. This side business is going to become my main job in the near-ish future and we intend to seek out a consistent amount of work with filmmaking and writing so that we can spend more time with our family doing what we love.

Something I’ve always dreamt of and is slowly getting within reach is having a farm. And I fully intend for us to have our own place within the next couple of years – a place where I can keep my horses in my backyard. Where I can have a lovely garden that supplies most if not all of our vegetable needs. Where I can raise a cow and maybe a few sheep and a little flock of chickens. A safe haven for all the country things I’ve always wanted.

Speaking of which, once I am permitted to get back on a horse again, I am going to start riding regularly again (that was the plan for this year until I got pregnant!) and there are already a few endurance rides that I have my eye on for next year – it makes me WAY too excited just thinking about it!

I have several different ideas on how to handle my mental health issues that I intend to put into action at some point this year so that I can finally become a bit more consistent about… well… life in general, I guess!

We are going to have a beautiful little baby and we are going to love her so much it might just kill us both!

What dreams are you going to manifest today?

Next week we’re going to switch gears entirely and look at a bunch of different things, mostly to do with the life of a writer! Stay tuned!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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A Fairy Tale Kind of Day

A Fairy Tale Kind of Day

Hello beautiful magical beings! Today, instead of rambling and being a little depressed… I’m going to talk about my wedding!

We’re getting close to two months now, and in some ways it feels like it was yesterday. But then sometimes I feel like we’ve been married forever. It’s been an adventure and a rollercoaster, and it’s also been really really freeing and calming.

But that’s about the marriage part… I was going to talk about the actual wedding.



The planning stressed me out WAY too much. But honestly that was mainly my fault because I allowed myself to be stressed out. But I will say that gathering together as many people who were willing to help and had a lot of natural creativity was the best thing ever. I was able to sort of spit out my ideas and have someone else run with it and come up with something amazing that I loved and was better than I could have ever dreamed up on my own.


I always wanted an outdoor wedding, unless I somehow got lucky enough to get some kind of super cool castle or Elizabethan style hall. But living in this part of Texas, that wasn’t going to happen, so we went with a beautiful lake just outside of town. We were extremely blessed because we planned an outdoor wedding in the middle of August… but somehow it kept raining during the two months beforehand so that everything was green and gorgeous and the weather that day was amazing, only a little uncomfortably warm, instead of dying of heatstroke, which is what we were all worried about. We had a beautiful backdrop with the lake behind us and trees around. Very lovely.

Our reception was held at a local downtown venue that has a slightly modern or industrial look to it. It is a beautiful place on its own, but it also adapts very well to almost any type of décor, which is why I loved it. There were two levels to it so that we had the lower floor for the dinner reception and the upper floor for cake and dancing. It was barely too small for the amount of people that we had, but I absolutely loved it.



Theme & Colors

One of the first things I decided on were my colors. I wanted deep blue and maroon red. What we wanted to do as far as a theme goes took a bit longer to decide on. I wanted vintage and Victorian and fairy tale and garden party and Beauty and the Beast and everything in between. In the end we decided to do the Beauty and the Beast thing with a touch of everything else. I like to think that it turned out very elegant and timeless, which is what I really wanted.


Wedding Dress

Oh my goodness, I love my dress! I went to several bridal shops to figure out what I really wanted and ended up finding the perfect dress at a consignment shop. It even fit me almost perfectly right off the rack, just needing a bit of hemming. It was a few years/styles back but it was super well made and the beading on it is perfection. I really also loved the train. I originally thought I wanted a ballgown type, tulle skirt, lace top, etc for my wedding dress… but I kept trying them on and not feeling so great about them. This one was amazing and it made me feel like an absolute princess.

My shoes were also one of my favorite things… I actually bought a pair of simple black character shoes that I already knew I loved and dolled them up with a LOT of blue glitter. They were fabulous and super comfortable to wear for the entire evening, which of course made it better because I was able to dance a lot!



We had a salad and mashed potato bar – and there were multiple people who said that they had been skeptical but ended up loving it! It was really cheap to do and very tasty. My mom was awesome and got the whole thing set up, so we didn’t have to pay any caterers or anything like that. And for our cake we also kept it super simple – we picked out a cake topper that we loved and went with red roses for the rest of the cake decorations. And, to go along with the food, we had real dishes and silverware because that was something that I really wanted to have. To me, it automatically adds an extra level of ‘fancy’ to an event when there are real dishes.


Decor and Flowers

This is the part that my awesome coordinator/second mom took over on and I had very little to do with, actually. I was mainly involved with the flowers actually – my bouquet turned out amazing and we did a hoop idea for the bridesmaid’s flowers. There were a lot of roses and greenery involved, in keeping with the themes. My mom made a gorgeous macrame hanging that we had for the ceremony and then moved to the reception site for photos. After deciding to do hoops for the bridesmaids, we added a few more in various spots. We also themed each table for one of our interests or hobbies, like Doctor Who, music, theater, film, literature, and so forth. My favorite part about all the decor was the fact that it was completely not what most people are doing in this area right now. I loved every piece of it.


I keep falling more in love with J every single day and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. It’s going to be just as amazing as our wedding day was.

Love, happiness, and all the joy in the world!

Katharine Marie

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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Hello beautiful, magical people!

At long last, I am back on the internet scene. Finally, I know, don’t remind me about how long it’s been since I last posted anything. *le sigh*

The whole reason I dropped my attempt at blogging a few months back was because it was far too stressful trying to plan our wedding, work a full time job (with whatever overtime I could manage to get) and still try to have a decent social/family life outside of work. It was very overwhelming and stressful for a while and I can’t say I handled it particularly well.


Even the most difficult journey can be beautiful.  Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash


However. We got MARRIED, we’ve officially moved into our place, and life is FINALLY starting to calm down. I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently to get to a point in the unpacking where I felt relaxed enough to sit down and write this – and I’m actually writing this a week before it posts, so I actually feel ahead of the game for once. Yay!

I am going to write more about the wedding and that process in a later post, but for now we’ll say that it was the best day of my life. I didn’t think it was possible to love someone more than I did before the wedding, but as always, I’ve been proved wrong. I love my husband more every day – and yes, I know how horribly cliche that sounds, but it is also the truth. He’s been gently pushing me to get back to writing for a while now and I feel so blessed that I found someone who refuses to let me give up on anything. We’re pretty good for each other, if I do say so myself.

I wish there was more to say about everything that I’ve been up to lately, but honestly that’s about it. I’ve been so focused on the process of getting married that there just hasn’t been time for much else. I’m started to get excited now about the prospect of getting back to the projects that I love. I want to start playing piano again, reading more books, keeping my planner in order, decorating my house, participating in (and winning!) NaNoWriMo, and just working on writing projects in general again. It all sounds fantastic.

Having said that, I do plan to go back to posting here every week, and hopefully I’ll get six blog posts written every month. That’s the goal anyways. I would love to say that I’m just going to jump straight back in with all the social media posting and the super planned posts and all the extras. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. It never happens overnight and it’s going to be a slow process of building this thing up again.

There are a few things I want to accomplish over the rest of this year. Only four more months, can you believe it?!

I still want to finish another book this year – not necessarily published or anything like that, but having a completed manuscript would be awesome. Finishing any kind of project is an accomplishment for me, honestly! And winning NaNoWriMo is also included in this, since hopefully it will help me reach that goal of finishing a manuscript.

I also intend to implement several more lifestyle changes in my daily life. I want to continue keeping our apartment tidy and pretty, so that it becomes a warm and wonderful place to come home to. I want to improve my cooking skills and start working out on a regular basis – being healthier is always a good idea! I also want to make time on a regular basis for the creative projects that I enjoy doing sot hat I can feel more fulfilled again with my life (and that includes blogging!).

The biggest one though, in my mind, is that throughout the next four months, I want to work on embracing my emotional side and becoming more in tune with myself. Hopefully improving myself in those areas will help me become better at working through problems, I’ll be able to get even closer to my husband, and I will start loving myself more again. I’ve come to the conclusion recently that me not accepting who and what I am has been the real issue in my life for the last while. I think working on this will also kick-start my creative drive again – or at least that’s the plan!

There are a lot more things that I want to do over the next few months, of course, but that covers the main things that I’ve been thinking about lately. Besides blogging, of course! As you can probably see, I’ve changed up a few things about the website and the focus has also changed slightly, but it’s still the same me, and the same ideas!

I’ll be back next week with more content and a more complete website, so come back for more!

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie.png

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