Judgment and Insecurities

Hello dear readers,
I have not been very motivated to write this week, for probably multiple reasons, but here we are anyway! A day late, but whatever. Honestly, this might be the perfect little motivating post to write anyways, so all the better! Because I want to make a few points about dealing with judgment from other people.
Obviously, people are going to judge. Doesn’t matter what you do, and, of course, marriage and parenting are two of the top contenders. Those two things constitute some of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life, so it makes sense that those are the most sensitive areas to handle, right?

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Finding the Beauty

Hi all you wonderful people!
I’m here for a ramble today before we close out this month that has been full of posts about thoughts and emotions and dealing with the strangeness that is 2020. It’s been weird and crazy and so, SO, random.
It’s easy to just want to give up on the world, on people in general. Everyone is horrible, nobody is good anymore, everything is just a messy disaster. Even the murder hornets didn’t want to stick around because we weren’t worth their time. That should tell us something. When everyone does nothing except argue with each other and it feels like nobody can agree on anything – that is incredibly discouraging Continue reading →

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Thoughts on Motivation

Hello, wonderful dreamers!

We’ve hit the funky middle portion of January. I keep waffling back and forth between feeling super productive and super zombie-like. Probably has something to do with how much sleep I get on any given day. Who knows. I sure don’t.

What I do know, however, is that today, I could use a good pick me up. Some really awesome motivational thing to get me moving a little faster. Any ideas?

Journaling is one of my favorite ways to deal with mixed or confusing feelings. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So here’s a few prompts to help get you started… I’ll be using these later today too.

What is your favorite song and why does it speak to you?

Define success. What does it mean to you?

Without worrying about other’s opinions or money, how would you spend your life differently than you are now?

What are three things that you spend time on that you wish you didn’t?

Just run with it, there’s a lot of value in some of these questions. And if you want different ones, just google motivational journal prompts. You’ll fall down a rabbit hole real quick.

Taking a moment to breathe and notice the world around me is the other thing I like to do when I feel like my day is spiraling.

Yesterday, I was running late to work and feeling super stressed out while in the car to drop the Tiny Princess off. It was crazy foggy outside but I suddenly noticed that I could see the moon shimmering wayyyy up in the sky through all the clouds – such a pretty silver color. And of course, seeing the moon during the day is such a cool thing anyways. It made me feel better and more calm instantaneously.

Of course, then I nearly ran off the road because I was so distracted by the moon. But whatever.

My point is that rough unmotivated days come and go, but maybe writing down some thoughts or taking 30 seconds to look at the moon (and NOT swerve off the road) can make all the difference.

Love, light, and heartfelt kindness,


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