The Future of Rebellion

Hello lovely readers!

I had planned to post this on Friday, but the entirety of last week was a whirlwind. Lots of late nights around the 4th holiday plus some family time out of town during the weekend and a trip to see our midwife to top it all off – it was a fun, but definitely exhausting week.

Suffice to say that Monday morning has me feeling a bit scatterbrained and I’m moving slower than I usually do. But since the post I had drafted for Friday was fairly simple, no point in skipping it. Forever onwards, am I right?!


July is the second round of Camp Nanowrimo in the world of a writer, so since I’m participating in that, plus working on rolling out my freelancing business, I figured we could talk about writing-related topics this month.

And to start off, I decided to pull something out of the closet that I rarely talk about anymore.

The current and future status of my first and only fully-released novel: Rebellion: Under the Stars.

Yeah, that one. Exactly.

Rebellion was a long-term project that I originally self-published through Amazon in December of 2014. It had an okay-ish start and I made a little bit of money, but I never ever followed through on the marketing, distribution options, or anything really. So, naturally, it kind of fell off the face of the earth. All fine and dandy, I guess.

Except that I’m not really thrilled by the fact that I have a novel sitting out there and doing absolutely nothing. That’s not really super exciting or encouraging, is it?

So the question becomes… what can I do about it?

There are several options, of course.

  1. I could remove it completely from Amazon and forget the book ever existed.
  2. I could go through, make some edits and changes to improve things and republish.
  3. I could just plain market the book and see if it sells.
  4. I could leave it alone and just let it go.

Option 1 isn’t really something I want to do. I’m no longer particularly interested in becoming a full time author, but I also like having some of my fiction available.

Option 4 is exactly the thing that has been bugging me all along – it’s sitting there, not doing anything, and not going anywhere.

Option 3 might work if I had the platform or even the time and energy to make it happen. But in reality that is definitely not the case. I haven’t done it by this point so what would change?

Option 2 is a lot of work as well, but it also has the most promise. I mean, my writing has improved a LOT in the last five years and I can list off at least four or five different plot issues in Rebellion just by thinking about it – I haven’t read it in a couple years either.

But even if I were to take it off the market, make the changes needed, and then republish, I’m still looking at the same amount of effort towards marketing and distribution. So, again, the same time and energy would come into play.

So… an expanded version of that option would be to outsource some of that work. Obviously I would still make the actual edits and changes to the book, but it would be totally possible to hand over the work of publishing and marketing over to someone else.

Honestly, I don’t entirely know how that would work. Looks like I would need to do some research. But if I could sort that out, and if I start making enough money from my freelancing work, it would likely be a very feasible option.

Re-publishing would take a good bit of time and for the moment I’m not entirely sure when I will be able to make it happen. Likely sometime next year at the soonest.

So where does that leave me for the time being?

Well. I definitely need to read through the entire book again and determine how much change would actually need to be made.

And of course I’ll need to do that previously mentioned research about outsourcing the publication/marketing/distribution aspect.

Lastly, I think it would be a very reasonable idea to get a few opinions on what I could do to make the book better. Which means seeking out some test readers at some point to get feedback. That could get pretty interesting.


Rebellion was definitely a labor of love the first time, but there are a lot of things I would do differently if I could go back and republish it. But short of going back in time, this seems to be the next best thing. It was my first fully completed project and it was (and is!) very special to me.

So that my “plan” going forward… work towards republishing my first ever novel. If I had to make a goal about it, I would tentatively say that by this time next year I hope to actually be finishing up with the new edits and moving towards reformatting for the re-release. But who knows! (insert major shrug here)

Have you ever gone back and reworked an older project? How did it turn out?

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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