Summer Thoughts

Good morning beautiful fellow dreamers!

Living in Northeast Texas, I’ve gotten to experience some pretty intense summers over the years. We don’t usually get the worst of it but as someone who doesn’t really coexist with the heat particularly well, its bad enough, thank you very much!

And despite being born in the middle of July, summer has never been my favorite season. I enjoy it for a while and then I’m ready for something else.


This year, being seven and eight months pregnant during the worst of the heat, has been a little extra rough. I’ve been outside┬ávery little and when I do get out it wears me out ridiculously fast. So I’m just drinking a ton of water and staying indoors most of the time.

The best parts of summer though, are just the simple things sometimes. It’s the evenings spent sitting and talking while the sun goes down. It’s the laughter in the swimming pool and the sheer volume of lemonade that gets consumed in a single day.

Where I work I have a prime spot for people watching and the last week has been pretty crazy. People are doing their school shopping, getting ready for this next phase of the year. It’s exciting and it usually really makes me miss the feeling of the new school year.

But even though autumn is my favorite season and probably always will be, I’ve found myself holding onto summer this year. Maybe it’s because autumn is bringing some big changes to my life and I want to cling to these summer┬ámoments before they pass by. Or maybe it’s because I’ve found something about summer that is worth holding onto for once.

Whatever the case may be, and despite not really enjoying the heat, I’m enjoying summer this year. For me, since I don’t have to think about school, summer isn’t really over until Labor Day, but it’s coming quickly.

The little things are the important ones, even if it is just a simple summer day.

Love and kindness,

Katharine Marie

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